Revlon Nail Art Event!!

Hey everyone,

If you follow me on twitter or instagram (check out the links to the left if you don’t), you will be well aware that I was invited to a Revlon Nail Art Event a couple weeks ago. Have to say that receiving that email during a boring afternoon at work really brightened up my day. The event was at Tips Nail Bar, which is owned by Revlon Canada Nail Expert Leeanne Colley (check out the website for some samples of her and the Tips team’s AMAZING nail art!).

I thought it was going to be a big event but when I walked in I was pleasantly surprised that it was an exclusive event for myself and several other bloggers (lesson of this tale: keep on blogging!). While people were still arriving, we all just chit-chatted about beauty and nail related things, like any group of beautyaholic girls would! Everyone there was soo nice and welcoming, which made the experience that much better.

First, we had a little tutorial session from Leeanne on how to make dots, stripes etc using some of the new Revlon Nail Art lines. After, it was a free-for-all, being able to play with all 3 nail art lines. It was so great hearing tips from the other bloggers too and really just being around other girls that love nail art. Most of the time people are always asking me “how do you do that?” but now I could actually do the asking.

So as the event was drawing to a close, the wonderful people from Revlon surprised us with personalized wooden briefcases FILLED with the products we had just been trying out. Pretty sure my jaw hit the floor as this was so generous of them and I wasn’t expecting it at all. Unfortunately, I had to endure the TTC ride home til I could open it up and play with the products even more! In this amazing gift, we also received a cuticle softener, a treatment base coat and a nail brightener. Plus, we had received a bag full of nail tools at the beginning of the night which we got to take home as well.

The three nail art lines we played with and received were (and I’ve included detailed pictures of each below):

1) Moon Candy — Like all three lines, this is a dual-ended nail polish. One end has a dark creamy colour, the other a flake glitter top coat. A tip for the flake glitter is to dab on the glitter instead of swipe (you get more on the nail without doing a million coats).

My favourites are: 200 Moon Dust, 220 Milky Way and 210 Galactic.

 2) Nail Art Expressionist — Again, like the other two this is a dual-ended nail polish. One end has a normal nail polish brush, the other has a striper nail art brush. The nail art brush can make thin or thick lines, all depends on how you hold the brush. All of the colour names are artist themed.

My favourites are: 330 Silhouette and 390 Pastel Punk.

 3) Nail Art Neon — Lastly, this dual ended nail polish has one side which is white and the other is neon colour. The white helps the neon colour pop!

My favourites are: 180 Killer Watt and 160 Hot Flash.

 Overall, this was an amazing night and I feel so lucky and blessed to have been invited to it. I met some great beauty bloggers as well, and have included some of their blogs at the end.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a sneak peek into what a beauty event is like and enjoyed the Revlon products. Keep your eyes peeled for these products in a store near you (have a feeling like some of them will just fly off the shelves).

If you have any questions about particular colours, just leave a comment.

til next time…

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Update: After uploading pictures from my recent trip to Indianapolis, I found some more pictures of the event. Here they are!



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