Thoughts: Inglot Eyeshadows

Awhile back when I was in the US, I walked into a Macy’s and GASPED when I saw an Inglot booth! I had heard such amazing things about their eyeshadows – creamy and super pigmented. And boy was everyone telling the truth! 

The booth can be a little overwhelming as there are just so many options for eyeshadows, lip products, concealers, blushes etc etc etc. But with so many choices, they realized they needed to provide customers with a flexible shopping experience. You are given a board which is magnetized and you can select eyeshadows you like as you browse. Their palettes come in a range of sizes and versions with spaces for different types of products.

I decided on the Freedom 5 Eyeshadow Palette to give myself a good introduction to Inglot. The 5 eyeshadow palette retails for $14 CAD with the eyeshadows retailing between $8 and 10 CAD. Really a great deal for such amazing shadows and a customizable palette.

See below what shadows I decided on and my thoughts on them.

What eyeshadows have you tried for Inglot? Love them or hate them?

I wanted to pick out relatively neutral shadows with a pop of colour – decided on purple as I really like how it brings out the green in my eyes. Starting with the lightest shade 352, this is a very light cream with a touch of pink. It is slightly powdery and doesn’t go onto the skin as opaque as seen in the swatches when you use a makeup brush. My only problem with this shadow is that it gets hard on the surface so that nothing gets transferred onto the brush. To solve this, I swirl my finger on the shadow to break up that “film” that has developed.

Next shade 31 is a shimmery brown/bronze colour that is super buttery and pigmented. I love wearing this all over the lid during the day and then smoke it out at night time with darker browns/bronze colours. My most used shadow of the 5 for sure.

Speaking of darker browns, shade 360 is a medium/dark matte brown that again has amazing pigmentation. Great for the crease for really smokey looks or used as an eyeliner. Great basic that is needed in any makeup collection.

Now getting into the colours, shade 487 is a very unique colour (one of the first I picked out because I was just drawn to it). It’s a lighter mauve/purple colour with a slight gold shimmer. Great to use all over the lid for daytime. I’ve also been experimenting with it in the crease and it gives this really cool soft smokey look (inspiration came from a makeup look Katy Perry was wearing in a recent interview).

Last but certainly not least is shade 377, probably one of the least used shadows in the 5 but does not mean I don’t love it. A great medium/dark matte purple with outstanding pigmentation. I really need to start working this into some looks I do (more likely night looks, or as an eyeliner during the day).

Overall, I am very impressed with Inglot and the eyeshadows I have tried so far. I can do many different looks with these 5 eyeshadows so I guess I did alright in choosing colours.

If you are able to go to an Inglot booth, please do and just play around with the product and see how amazing it is! I will definitely be getting more shadows plus other products from this brand when I visit the US again. Shipping is available in Canada but I really like to see the shadows in person before purchasing.

til next time…

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