Favourites of 2013: Nail Products

To finish up my three-part Favourites series, I have my 13 favourite nail products of the past year. A combination of nail polishes, must-haves for any mani, and nail art tools.

What were your favourite polishes of 2013?

Yes, Chanel nail polishes are super expensive (about $27) but I absolutely love them. They have been a tradition for me for years – any trip I take to the US I buy one as my souvenir of the trip (so much more usable than a snow globe). This beauty was picked up during my trip to Boston this year (one of the best and worst trips I went on all year. If you want to hear why, see end of post for the summary of this). A beautiful blue-teal duochrome, it reminds me of a mermaid.

Another, more classic Chanel nail polish. When I didn’t know what to paint my nails, I always went with this medium-toned creamy pink. As classic as a red polish and goes on like a dream. My perfect pink polish.

I’m pretty sure this was one of the only polishes that made it onto my toes this year. Super bright and summery. Great application and matte finish (I always top it with a shiny top coat). During the summer, this shade made it up to my fingers a few times too. China Glaze does the bright, creamy nail polish so well!

One of the best glitter polishes I have ever tried. With two/three coats it looks like you dipped your nail in loose glitter. Great for accent nails or using in a glitter gradient.

Another amazing glitter polish I started using this year. A great mix of small silver glitter and larger hexagonal matte silver glitter. Again, I love using this in glitter gradients because of the different sizes but it is also gorgeous to top off just about any colour on all of your nails.

I’ve already raved about this in my Mani Essentials post. Thick, glossy looking finish. Dries so quickly. Only problem is polish shrinkage (but if I let my polish dry a bit more before applying it reduces the shrinkage).

Another mani must-have. A great base coat that nourishes the nails allowing them to grow longer and stronger. Nice thin formula. Helps prevent staining and makes your mani last longer.

My last mani must-have helps me push back my cuticles with ease and conditions them. Great alternative to cuticle oil and less messy with its gel-like consistency.

Easily my most used nail polish this year – especially for nail art. An opaque white polish is hard to find and this one is super cheap! I use 2 coats to get a perfect opaque white nail to act as a blank canvas for nail art. It has started getting a little thick on me, so I’ll have to go buy a new one soon.

Lastly, my 4 favourite “tools”. The Born Pretty cuticle oil takes the mess out of applying it (twist product up into the brush, then brush around cuticle) but it doesn’t smell the nicest (I have the aloe scented one) so I’ll have to try a different scent next time. The Revlon Cuticle Pusher is great paired with the cuticle softener – pushes my cuticles back with ease and I can use the other end to clean underneath my nails. No need for a million nail files with the Revlon Peel N File with 3 layers of file on each side – once dull, just peel away a layer for a fresh file. This set of dotting tools have helped my nail art so much! A bunch of different sizes, plus they are super cheap on Born Pretty!

til next time…

(Boston trip: I went in April 2013 for a conference – just days after the Boston Marathon bombings. I flew into town when the city was on lockdown (the day they caught the people who did it). I’ve been to Boston a couple of times and absolutely love the city. It was just so horrible to see this vibrant, wonderful city going through so much pain and suffering. As the days went on, the city I knew and loved started coming back – people were walking around, streets began opening up. I am so happy I brought my running stuff, it helped me connect with the city even more. Overall, it was a trip I will never forget. Hope you now understand why Azure is one of my favourite polishes of the year.)

2 thoughts on “Favourites of 2013: Nail Products

  1. KM says:

    Sally Hansen had a limited edition Complete Salon Manicure that was my absolute favourite nail polish: Starry, Starry Flight. Hands down, the best silver glitter nail polish I've ever come across. Honestly, the glitter was even more concentrated than the Golden Rule or Copper Penny (another two favs). Dear Sally Hansen, PLEASE bring this polish back!!!


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