Favourite Five and a Fail: May 2014

While I can’t remember much from May (other than going on an awesome road trip to NYC and Boston), I can remember the products I was loving this past month. I have been busy with school so quick, easy beauty routines were a must!

Lush Sexy Peel Soap

Lush Sexy Peel Soap – OMG I am in love with this soap! It smells amazing (very citrus-y) and doesn’t dry out my skin. This is the first time I’ve tried a soap from Lush (crazy, I know!) and I am super impressed.

Hourglass Blush Radiant Magenta

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Radiant Magenta – I spoke about this blush in a recent post after I picked it up in NYC. While I do feel this blush is slightly overhyped and overpriced, I have been enjoying it and wearing it most days of the week. It gives a gorgeous glow to the cheeks without being shimmery. A little goes a long way (I may have gone a little overboard a couple of times) so I’m happy it will last so long.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation – Okay, I found 3 of these sample packs in magazines over the past couple of months and I thought that there was no way I would use this. One day I was curious and was going to be outside for awhile and gave it a go! Super impressed with its’ mousse texture and how easily it blends into the skin. I apply it with my fingers and achieve great results. It doesn’t dry out my skin very much (and that’s saying a lot) and feels very smooth. A great foundation for the hot summer months!

Laura Mercier Sandstone Eyeshadow

Laura Mercier Eyeshadow in Sandstone – I’ve had this eyeshadow for ages (and finally hit pan!) and have always loved it. With the simple, easy makeup looks I’ve been rocking this month, this eyeshadow has been a go-to. A gorgeous shimmery, champagne-pink shade it is great for all over the lid. This eyeshadow isn’t buttery but has nice pigmentation and lasts for a long time.

Jergens BB Body Skin Cream

Jergens BB Body Skin Cream – The summer months are upon us and my pale skin needs to look less ghostly and uneven! This new lotion from Jergens claims to do a lot of different things but I find it does two – evens out my skin tone and moisturizes without being sticky. I can even apply this before bed and not be bothered by the feeling of moisturizer sitting on top of my skin and touching my sheets (yes I’m weird, I know).

Benefit Posie Balm

Fail: Benefit Posie Balm – I received this in my past Topbox and it disappointed me so much – no pigmentation on the lips and limited hydration. Save your money and go buy either a Revlon Lip Butter or a Maybelline Color Whisper.

What were your favourites for May? Leave a link to your blog post in the comments!

til next time…

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