NOTD: On The Run Tour Edition

This post is a few days late but I had to show you all my nail art design I created when I went to the On The Run Tour in Toronto. I’ve included a few of my pics from the concert as well – if Beyoncé and Jay Z are coming to a town near you, GO! The show was absolutely amazing with the two of them performing all of their hits and then some more! Production value is fantastic – everything is themed around the trailer they released for the tour a little while ago. Costumes are amazing and Beyoncé looks STUNNING! This show solidified my thoughts that Beyoncé is perfect (and that I want to be her) and that Jay Z is easily the coolest, smoothest rapper out there. 

Anyways….on to the nails. I devoted one hand to Beyoncé (including Yoncé, a diamond, fishnets, her silhouette and a kiss with XO) and one hand to Jay Z (including his name, gold studs, the Illuminati symbol, the Yankees logo and the symbol from a previous album, The Blueprint 3). I did all of this by hand with the exception of the fishnets – I used a Konad plate.

Hope you enjoy this design! Which two artists would you love to see tour together??

Beyonce nail art

Jay Z nail art

til next time…

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