Sigma Brush Review*: E20 and E25

Sigma brushes. When I hear those words I think affordable, amazing makeup brushes and the latest two brushes I’ve tried live up to that reputation. Keep reading to find out how I use these brushes and my thoughts on them.

In general, I find Sigma brushes to be very well made and classic looking with the black handles and silver ferrule. I always make sure to put a coat of clear nail polish over the logo and brush number and name so they last for a very long time.

So let’s breakdown the two latest additions to my makeup brush collection:

E20 Short Shader ($15.99) – The E20 is a flat head brush with very short bristles. The bristles are soft yet firm for very precise detail work. I use this brush to either apply eyeshadow as eyeliner on my top and bottom lashes or to smudge out eyeliner. I would say this is a great brush to have even if you are just starting out with makeup.

E25 Blending ($15.99) – The E25 brush intrigued me with its slightly flat bristles. Typically blending brushes are fluffy and domed shaped but not this one. I find this is great for a very controlled blend – great for the crease, blending out a smoky eye that extends past the crease or softly blending out my liner. You can also easily use this brush to apply shadow onto the entire lid. This is a very versatile brush once you start playing around with it.

Both of these brushes are getting a ton of use during my day-to-day makeup application and I highly recommend that you check them out.

If you live in Canada and need to get your hands on some Sigma brushes (with FREE SHIPPING!), check out Obsessed Look, the sister site to Nail Polish Canada. On Obsessed Look you can find everything from Sigma Brushes to Lime Crime Cosmetics to Joico hair care. 

til next time…

Disclaimer: I received the Sigma brushes from Obsessed Look for review purposes. All opinions are my own and are not affected by any affliates.

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