Empties #7.1 – Haircare (August 2014)

Okay I may have been hoarding my empties for months and months….so I have declared the next week Empties Week! I’ve broken down all my empties into 4 posts so stay tuned for the future posts.


Pantene Repair and Protect and Everlasting Ends – I really can’t tell a difference between the Pantene shampoos (well the ones in the white bottles). They all are decent shampoos, not overly moisturizing. I typically use them as my first shampoo to remove all the gunk from my hair then use a moisturizing formula second. Will repurchase.

Pantene Brunette Expressions – Does this shampoo make my colour last longer? I’m not quite sure. I do like how this makes my hair feel after using it though. Smells great. Will repurchase.

Vidal Sassoon Repair – Pretty standard shampoo. Didn’t notice anything spectacular. Scent was alright. Will not repurchase.


Live Clean Monoi Oil (in previous picture) – This conditioner did nothing for my hair. End of story. Will not repurchase.

Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask – Received this in a previous beauty subscription service. Pretty mediocre hair mask, not super hydrating. Also wasn’t a fan of the scent. Will not repurchase.

Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Intensive Moisture Mask – I love the Organix line of hair masks. Really affordable, super hydrating. Will repurchase.

Vidal Sassoon Repair – A very basic conditioner that did the job. Not super hydrating but also not heavy. Will not repurchase.


KMS Add Volume Volumizing Spray – This is a super cool product – a sprayable gel. Adds a ton of volume to the hair when sprayed at the roots. Will repurchase.

Tresemmé Tres Two Hairspray – One of my favourite hairsprays. Holds my style very well without making my hair crunchy. Will repurchase.

Muk Ultra Soft Leave In Conditioner – I am so sad that I finished this product up. Worked wonders on my hair by making it soft and silky. Will repurchase (if I can find it!).

til next time…

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