Shopping at the CNE

Last night I visited the Canadian National Exhibition, as I do every year. While a lot of people go there for the food, rides and games, I have different priorities – shopping!

I thought I would share some of the items you can find while at the CNE (well other than hot tubs) and some of my highlight finds and what deals are at each location! Look out for a haul in the coming days to see all of my great finds!

Makeup and Beauty Items

Yes you read correctly – makeup and beauty! Even though I’m on a spending ban, the CNE comes but once a year and I stock up on things at majorly discounted prices. There are 3 hot spots this year at the CNE – Cha-Ching Cosmetics, Lips and Tips by and

Cha-Ching Cosmetics is an outdoor tent that is there every year featuring fragrance, beauty, and body products – mainly drugstore but some higher end items.
Deals I found: 7 for $8 nail polishes, $5 (or 6 for $25) Philosophy skincare items, and some discontinued makeup products I love for $1.25 or $3.

Lips and Tips basically only has lip and nail products – again mainly drugstore with some OPI polishes.
Deals I found: 3 for $10 (or $4 each) Revlon, Rimmel, L’Oreal lipsticks and glosses 4 for $10 nail polishes (I’m pretty sure about this one…didn’t buy any here) has makeup, skincare, haircare, body products, and other miscellaneous items.
Deals I found: 2 for $10 hair dye, deeply discounted makeup and hair products but I forgot to take down prices

Clothes and Accessories

There is a whole section of the International Pavilion of stores set up – either big names (Bench, Stitches) or family owned stores. Also outdoors there are some tents with sunglasses and clothing items.

If you want to add some unique touches to your house, there are a lot of great textiles, accessories from all over the world.

There were some great booths with inexpensive sunglasses, discounted Sperry’s, and both simple and statement jewellery.

Deals I found: a cheeky pair of tiny sterling earrings of hands giving the middle finger (if you know me at all, they suit me to a tee)

And I had to include a couple pictures of food! I can’t eat a whole lot at the CNE but I was able to find a fry place that was gluten free and there’s always ROASTED CORN!!!

Have you ever been to the CNE or something like it? Where are your favourite random places for shopping?

til next time…

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