Thoughts: Amie Skincare*

Ever look for an affordable skincare line that has natural ingredients and free of parabens, mineral oils and petrochemicals? Well Amie Skincare may just be the line for you!

Amie Skincare started in the UK and is now spreading its wings and making the journey across the pond. This skincare line is pH balanced and dermatologically tested, free of harsh chemicals, not tested on animals and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

I was fortunate enough to test drive this new-to-Canada skincare line – now available at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations.

Keep reading to hear what I thought of some of the products from the line!

Amie Hydrating Daily Moisturiser Review

Morning Light Hydrating Daily Moisturiser (Retails for $12) – Rich in rose extract, rose hip oil and mallow to help keep skin soft, hydrated and nourished all day long.

With my ongoing battle with my dry skin, I was very curious to see if this could help hydrate my skin without breaking me out. This moisturiser definitely increased the hydration level of my skin immediately and made it feel super soft after it absorbed quickly into my skin. Not once did it break out my skin. I am a little hesitant to how well this will work in the dead of winter but I think with a good, hydrating routine it should work out well.

This product is scented – mainly rose – so if you don’t like rose-scented products perhaps stay clear of this.

Amie Deep Cleansing Mask Review

Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask (Retails for $12)A deep cleansing treatment that works pore-deep to draw out dirt and impurities while soaking up excess oil and helping prevent blemishes. Peppermint and lime extracts purify and cool, leaving skin clear and soft.

Even though clay, deep cleansing masks should scare me and my dry skin to no end, I do have some stubborn blackheads and like to clear out all the gunk every once and awhile…followed by a super hydrating mask. This mask left my skin feeling clean, clear of impurities and not tight feeling after leaving it on my skin for about 10-15 minutes. I still used a heavier duty moisturiser/mask afterwards just in case. The scents of peppermint and lime instantly refresh and reawaken me but are very prominent.

Word of caution – when first trying out this mask start with a very thin layer. The thicker the layer, the more tingling and cooling feeling which can become a tad uncomfortable. Work your way up to your ideal level of tingling.

Amie Exfoliating Daily Wash Review

Radiant Dawn Exfoliating Daily Wash (Retails for $10)A gentle foaming gel wash with natural blueberry seeds to help unblock pores, lift away dead skin cells, dirt and oil. Green apple and lemon extracts refine and tone skin keeping oiliness at bay. Skin is left ultra-clean, soft and shine-free.

Daily exfoliation? I do shy away from this and decided to test out this product every couple of days. This is a very gentle but effective exfoliator and cleanser. It removed makeup relatively well (I suggest using a baby wipe/facial cloth to remove the majority of your makeup then using this) and left my skin feeling soft and clean without being tight at all. The foaming action of the cleanser means you don’t have to use a lot to get great results. This cleanser would be great for all skin types but just adjust how often you use it depending on how your skin responds to exfoliation.

Amie Matte-Finish Moisturiser Review

Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturiser (Retails for $12) – A light, mineral oil-free daily moisturiser. Natural plant sugars hydrate skin while rosehip and bilberry nourish and soften. Excess oil and shine are controlled leaving skin soft and matte.

I have to admit I only tried this product once. I applied it on one of the hotter days of the year and immediately regretted my decision. Because I have dry skin this moisturiser only exacerbated my skin issues – my skin was left feeling tight and dry once the product absorbed fully. Now even though I suffered it goes to show that this product will work well for someone with normal-combination-oily skin. I wasn’t a huge fan of the scent of this product either – it smells herbal of which I’m not a fan.

Overall I was happy with the results I saw after using these products. In terms of what I enjoyed the most, well I sneakily spoke about the products in their overall ranking in my books.

The Amie Skincare line has a few other products (cleanser, wipes, toner and makeup remover) that I would most certainly try out because the line performs well and is very reasonably priced.

til next time…

*Disclaimer: These products were received for consideration. All opinions are my own and not affected by any affiliates. 

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