What’s in a name…?

So things look slightly different around here….

I decided to change my blog name. While it may seem a little sudden, let me tell you it has not been so for me. I always kept thinking of catchy words to put together. But nothing ever seemed right. Until I said my first and middle name together. Thanks Mom and Dad for pairing these names together!

My middle name is an ode to my great-grandma (or grandma-ma, in my case) who was and still is (in spirit) one of my greatest sources of inspiration and drive for all aspects of my life.

I know there are risks when it comes to changing your blog….
Will your followers unfollow you? Will no one be able to find your older posts?

But I feel in my heart that this change is for the better. I am happier with the name. I feel like I can go anywhere with this name because it’s me.

Anything under the realm of beauty is at my polished fingertips now.

Now of course you will see little tweaks here and there for the next little while. I’m in the midst of changing everything that needs to be changed – mainly Bloglovin.

Just keep an eye out for me on Social Media as those names will not change. I’ll always be yankee_girl2. I have to shout out my love of baseball somehow right?

til next time…

Update: After a little breakdown, thinking that the new blog was not RSS valid. Bloglovin now works with this blog!

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