Canadian Beauty Innovation Awards Gala

Last weekend I got the awesome opportunity to attend the Canadian Beauty Innovation Awards Gala by winning two tickets through the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network. I brought my friend Liz as my date and we got to hang out with Jenn all night.

The Canadian Beauty Innovation Awards is a relatively new award competition put together by the Canadian Beauty Group to highlight new technologies and innovations in the beauty industry. Products up for awards ranged from best anti-aging or organic/natural product to best product launch.

The gala was at two interior design showrooms in the east end of downtown Toronto and featured booths of all the products up for awards. At a lot of the booths I had the opportunity to interact with the founders of the brands and learn about the development and features of the products.

The awards ceremony was hosted by the fabulous Traci Melchor (from eTalk and The Social) and allowed each brand to talk about their product then the judges would ask one question.

For the most part, the brands I was introduced to were brand new to me except for Miyu and illumalift. I received a sample or two which I will be trying in the coming days and weeks.

Some products/brands that I think you should check out though are: 

Miyu Beauty Hydrate Mi Pairing (Winner of Best Product Launch)

Corpa Flora Beauté Divine (Winner of Canadian Beauty Innovation Award)

Overall the event was fun and I see a lot of promise for it in coming years. I love the chance to learn about new brands and products but maybe next time I do so I will wear more comfortable shoes….

til next time…

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