Mani Monday: Glamour Magazine Inspired

Hooray! Mani Mondays are back!! Let’s just hope that they stick around for awhile.

I have had the idea for this theme for awhile – do a design inspired by Glamour magazine once a month. I have a subscription to this magazine and wanted to get even more out of it. So once a month I will post a nail design inspired by the cover or spread in the magazine.

easy graphic nail art design

This month’s issue features the stunning Jessica Chastain on the cover and I drew inspiration from the unique dress she is wearing on the cover.

Scalloped nail art design

I opted to create the ‘leaf’ or ‘flower’ design on the lower half of the dress for my accent nail. I loved the colour combination of this pattern and knew it would be pretty easy to recreate.

I used Chanel’s Blue Satin as the base colour. Side note: I’ve had this exact bottle of nail polish since 2007/2008. I bought it on either my first or second trip to NYC (my mind is not too sharp today). It started my obsession with Chanel polishes. And, it is basically the EXACT SAME consistency as it was so many years ago. Worth the $30 price tag, right?

Glamour Magazine nail art

To create the accent nail design, I used Sally Hansen Breezy Blue, Revlon Wild Card, and Sally Hansen Lickety-Split Lime.

I used the largest dotting tool I have to create a half circle of dots then layered smaller half circles with the other two colours. I started with the light blue then worked my way to the lime green.

Simple Nail Art Design

I personally love this nail design and am so excited to receive my next issue of Glamour and source of inspiration.

til next time…

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