Nail Product Addict Tag

Favourite nail treatment product? Cuticle oil, does that count? I’m currently using one from the Born Pretty store that is in pen form. Makes it so much easier to apply and not messy at all!
Favourite luxury brand? Chanel. No question about it. Buy a new one every time I go on a trip.
Favourite drugstore brand? Revlon. The colour selection is great, I love the brush and the price is right.
Best eye-catching red? Hmm I quite enjoy Chanel Dragon
Most disappointing nail polish/product? I honestly can’t think of a polish that was disappointing even though I know there has to be one or two in my collection.
Basecoat – yes or no? ALWAYS! Currently using the Revlon Colorstay one.
Favourite topcoat? Seche Vite until the end of time. My nail polish lasts for days with no chipping and looking shiny and gel like.
Favourite summer shade? I really love a pastel nail but also a neon one. But I can’t single out one nail polish shade that is my go-to summer polish. (Maybe Chanel Rose Exuberant but I wear that one all year round)
Favourite winter shade? Dark vampy colours are a must. I did a series of posts on my favourite fall polishes. Perhaps OPI Ski Teal We Drop is the favourite of the bunch though.
Mention something extra! Loving my almond shaped nails. Except for when they break and I have to mend them with a tea bag. Oh also, I used to bite my nails so badly. Thankfully got over that!

I tag anyone that wants to do this tag. Just make sure to link your post in the comments or tweet me the link 🙂

til next time…

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