Mani Monday: OMG Nail Strips*

It’s the first Mani Monday of 2015! Hooray! I’m really hoping (and praying, if I did that) that I can post a new Mani Monday every single week this year. Some will be crazy nail art, some features of my favourite polishes or Chanel collection and some will be reviews of new nail products.

This week I am test driving the OMG Nail Strips in the pattern Viper.

OMG Nail Strips is a New York State based company that wanted to bring affordable, fun nail polish strips to their customers. Their patterns range from animal prints to bold geometrics to holiday themes – there really is something for everyone! Each pack contains 14 nail strips with varying widths but you can also cut them to custom fit them to your nails. Packs retail between $4.99 and $7.99.

The nail strips are a thin patterned nail polish strip sandwiched between a cardboard backing and plastic cover. I would have to say that these are the thinnest strips I have ever used so you do have to be careful with application as they can tear.

To apply the strips on unpolished, clean nails:

1. Select the proper size for your nail. You can trim the strips if one is too big for your nail.

2. Remove the plastic cover and then carefully remove the strip from the cardboard backing.

3. Centre the strip onto your  nail, starting application at the base of your nail.

4. Carefully smooth the strip onto the nail, trying to not crease the strip. I like to smooth out the centre of the strip all the way up to the tip of my nail then smooth out the sides. These strips are also a bit stretchy so you can get quite a seamless application if you pull them tight ever so slightly.

5. File off excess nail strip with a nail file. If you have rounded nails like I do, I start on one side of my nail then work around making sure the nail strip is nice and smooth before I file off the excess.

6. For the non-foil strips, take a cotton ball with nail polish remover on it and squeeze out the extra remover. Then swipe cotton ball 1-3 times on each nail very gently. This helps the strips last longer by kind of melting/adhering the strip to your nails.

7. Use your favourite top coat to seal in the strip, making sure to seal the edges of your nails.

In general, I am not a fan of nail stickers or strips. I have very curved nails and while I LOVE my nails, nail strips usually don’t. I usually suffer from a lot of creasing on the sides of my nails as the strip tries to curve around my nail. I have very minimal creasing with these nail strips and the nail polish remover step minimized those a lot. I forgot to take pictures but I could see a clear difference before and after the remover step.

As these are very thin strips, it looks like you just have nail polish on but you do have to watch out for tearing. You can see a bit on my middle finger but thankfully due to the pattern it just blends in.

The wear of these nail polish strips seems pretty good. I did a big cooking and cleaning day that included a lot of hand washing and I can’t see much wear or tear other than the “tip wear” that is actually due to the filing step during application. None of the edges of the strips are lifting either.

I love the Viper design I have on my nails as I love me some animal print. The RainBow Kiss design shown in some of my pictures would be great for Valentine’s Day so I think I will save them for that. The variety of patterns offered by OMG Nail Strips is great and I’m sure you’d be able to find one or ten that you love.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with these nail strips and am now intrigued to test out their foil strips that are very thin layers of metallic foil.

Check out the OMG Nail Strips website to see all the awesome patterns and designs they offer. They are offering free shipping on all orders and have two great deals going on right now. Five packs of nail strips for $25 using the code 5PACK or ten packs of nail strips for $45 using the code 10PACK.

What are your favourite nail strips to use?

til next time…

Disclaimer: Products were sent by OMG Nail Strips for review purposes. All my thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by companies or partnerships.

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