Mani Monday: Transforming Ombréd Favourites

I recently posted about my Favourite Beauty Products of 2014 and I wanted to create a nail design with my two favourite polishes from last year – Chanel Coup de Coeur and OPI My Very First Knockwurst.

Chanel Coup de Coeur Nail Art

I created a simple ombré look by starting off with the OPI as the base and then painting strips of the Chanel and the OPI polishes on a makeup sponge. By not just sponging on the darker shade but instead sponging both, I find that you get a smoother transition between the two colours. Also, by using a top coat it makes the ombré look more blended.

But I couldn’t stop just there….I’ve been itching to try out the new Revlon Transforming Effects Top Coat in Matte Pearl Glaze that I picked up a couple of days ago. This polish is a top coat you can put over any polish and it mattifies while also adding a gorgeous iridescence.

Revlon Transforming Effects Matte Pearl Glaze Review

It really does transform the look, especially the Chanel colour. I love how this looks and am so glad that I experimented with it. This is a great way to really double your nail polish collection as you top any of them with this (or another Revlon Transforming Effects polish) to create a fresh, new look.

Revlon Matte Pearl Glaze Nail Art

How much do you love this Revlon polish? I’m obsessed for sure!

til next time…

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