Skincare: Miracle 10 for Dry and Delicate Skin*

A few years ago, I was introduced to Miracle 10 skincare through Topbox and I was hooked. One of my holy grail skincare products comes from this line, actually. I’ve tried a few more of their products over the years and always wanted to try others. Plus, whenever I can find a deal on their Facial Peel I immediately book one.

So when I was invited to their Word of Mouth Bloggers event I immediately RSVP’d. And when I came down with a pretty awful cold that made me practically lose my voice, I still trucked on over to their Yorkville location. I’m that dedicated. The event was a great chance to interact with other bloggers, learn about beauty and fashion trends from the very knowledgeable Michelle Villett from and have it all MC’d by my friend Sarah from

At the end of the night we were all gifted a skincare system for our skin type and I couldn’t wait to start using it. Keep reading to see what I thought!

Cleanser I – A calming, moisturizing, pH-correct cleanser with hydrating botanicals & extracts containing Aloe, Vitamins C and E. This gentle formulation is perfect for sensitive skin, leaving it feeling impeccably clean and rejuvenated. Key ingredients: aloe vera and grapefruit extract

This gel cleanser lightly lathers and would be perfect for any sonic brush you may use. While it promises moisturization after use, I can’t say that it did that for my skin. I found my skin to feel slightly tight after use (even with cold water). Now my skin is very dry and dehydrated so I do think this would be better for a normal skin type.

Toner – A calming and clarifying, pH-correct, nutrient and botanically-rich moisturizing toner with Aloe and Witch Hazel Extract designed to refresh tone and hydrate irritated or sensitive skin. This emollient formulation leaves skin feeling meticulously clean, soft and awake. Key ingredients: witch hazel extract, aloe vera and allantoin

Now I love me some toner. It helps me get rid of any small traces of makeup or dirt left after cleanser. Also, if I use toner I find that the next step of my skincare routine sinks in better. This toner definitely helped with both of those but I didn’t experience any extra moisture. Again, my skin might just be too dry from the get-go.

Light Serum – A weightless, but highly active serum formulated to firm, nourish, protect and heal the skin with Vitamins A, B, D3, E and K. Ideal moisturizer for the light hydration of all skin types, especially Oily Skin or as a soothing balm when applied after shaving. Leaves the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated without any oily residue. Key ingredients: hyaluronic acid, elastin, and rosehip seed oil

Personally, I use serum to add an extra hydration punch in my skincare routine. While this serum is very light, it definitely makes my skin feel very comfortable even if it is feeling tight and uncomfortable. I also love the scent of this product – I think it smells like lavender (I could be very wrong). A definite staple in my routine now.

Miracle 10 Skincare Review

Face SPF 30 – This Broad Spectrum, UVA and UVB shield will safeguard the skin against sun damage. Miracle 10 Sunlotion SPF 30 offers anti-aging protection and is an essential component to any Miracle 10 skincare regime. Key ingredients: avobenzone, homosalate, octisalate, octocrylene, and oxybenzone

I can easily admit that I should use SPF more religiously. But usually I find that sunscreen for the face leaves me looking and feeling greasy. The revamped SPF by Miracle 10 does not do that at all. It leaves your skin feeling dry to the touch and not shiny at all. Also, it didn’t break my skin out which is notorious for face sunscreens in my life. I still need to increase my SPF usage though (we all probably should).

AHA Cream (not shown) – Lactic acid and Vitamin E combine in a scientifically formulated rich emollient cream to effectively exfoliate dull skin. Rejuvenated skin will glow with renewed vitality and suppleness. Key ingredients: lactic acid (6%), vitamin E and hyaluronic acid

You know when I mentioned that one of my holy grail products came from this line? The AHA Cream is it! I also received this in my gift bag but completely forgot to bring it home for the holidays as I was test driving another chemical exfoliant. The AHA Cream features lactic acid as its’ chemical exfoliant. But don’t worry, it won’t leave your skin red and angry in the morning. It is so gentle but also amazingly effective. I can tell a difference in the appearance of my skin (texture, tone, decrease in acne) after only one night of use. I was rationing my tub I bought last year during Black Friday but now I don’t have to! If you only have the money for one of Miracle 10’s products, make it this one.

Like I had said, I also got a facial peel from Miracle 10. With this peel, you can actually leave the office without looking like you had a facial. No redness, just super hydrated skin. They use a chemical exfoliant after dermaplaning your skin (aka shaving off the top layer of dead cells + those pesky peach fuzz hairs). They used lactic acid on me as it was my first peel in awhile. Then put a wonderful moisturizing mask on for at least 10 minutes. Oh and they rub dry ice all over your skin to kill any bacteria. It’s a quite enjoyable experience and my skin is glowing for at least a week. But they do run $125…so I only go a couple times a year (when I can find a deal).

So if you are looking to try a new mid-high end priced skincare line with great ingredients, check out Miracle 10! While all the products didn’t work for me, I know that at least one product will work for everyone.

til next time…

Disclaimer: Products were received for consideration purposes. All opinions are my own and not influenced by companies or affiliates.

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