Hydrated Skin with Kiss My Face Light Moisturizing Lotion*

Kiss My Face Light Moisturizing Lotion Review

Are you like me and slack off on applying lotion? My hands get sticky, sometimes the lotion ends up on my body and everywhere else or I feel greasy and gross if I apply it before bed. Spray lotions help solve all of those problems and make application super easy and quick.

Kiss My Face has launched their spray lotion recently (retails for $9.99) and since it arrived in the mail I’ve been trying it out a lot and am pretty impressed!

The light moisturizing lotion features a continuous air spray to quickly apply this beautifully scented product. The spray is eco-friendly and helps you apply your lotion in even the hardest to reach spots. Just hold the bottle about 4 inches away from skin and spray onto skin. The lotion is one of the lightest weight I have ever used but yet still packs a good hydration punch, even for the driest or most sensitive of skin!

The lotion, like I said, is very lightweight and doesn’t contain phlatates or parabens. Instead, it is packed with great ingredients like shea butter, sunflower seed oil and aloe vera to soothe the skin while creating a calming effect with the lavender oil. It quickly absorbs once smoothed over the skin and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky, slippery or greasy. I hate to apply lotion before bed because it feels weird for me but I can apply this before bed without any worry.

The lavender shea scent is wonderful, very spa like but it also comes in two other “scents” – Tropical Coconut and Fragrance-Free Olive and Aloe. Both of those sound awesome and it is great that they offer a fragrance free version for those of you sensitive to scents.

This lotion really helps me add moisturizing to my routine as it’s so quick and easy. Make sure to check out Kiss My Face Light Moisturizing Lotion when in the lotion aisle next!

til next time…

Disclaimer: The product was received for review purposes. All opinions and thoughts are honest and not influenced by partners or affiliations.

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