In Love: NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review Swatches

I love makeup but there are very few products that I become obsessed with and treat them like Pokemon – Gotta catch them all! The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are one of my current obsessions. With Target leaving Canada and so does a large selection of NYX products in Canada. I immediately went to Target before the liquidation started to scour the beauty aisles to find every single last one.

I was able to find four shades which now brings my total collection up to five. I’ve raved about the one I owned previously, Prague, at least a couple times on the blog. If you are miraculously able to find some in your local Target, just pick them up! Don’t even think about it. Now I will have to wait for my US trips to find more shades. Psst NYX…..Make more shades!

These lip creams are so velvety and smooth that they apply like a dream. Super pigmented, long lasting and relatively non-drying makes them the perfect matte lip product in my opinion. Just make sure your lips are moisturized before applying but that goes for any matte product.

NYX Istanbul Swatch

Istanbul – Described as a “clean pink”, this is a perfect everyday lip colour. Darker than a “your lips but better” colour that is a nude-pink-mauve shade.

NYX Milan Swatch

Milan – Described as a mid tone blue-pink, this is like a darker version of Istanbul in my opinion. Still a very neutral pink shade, just darker. A great shade that falls between a nude-pink and a bold pink lip.

NYX San Paulo Swatch

San Paulo – Described as a “plummy pink”, I find that this one leans more warm than the previous ones. I would almost describe it as a medium warm rose shade. A very unique shade of pink that definitely makes a statement without being too in your face.

NYX Addis Ababa Swatch

Addis Ababa – Described as a “bright fuchsia”, this one definitely makes a statement! A lovely, bold blue toned bright fuchsia. Can’t wait to pair this with winged liner during the summer.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review Swatches

Now I’m on the hunt for a bunch of other shades – Transylvania (deep violet), Copenhagen (rich plum), Monte Carlo (cranberry red), and Amsterdam (pure red). They also come in a ton of nude shades but those are so hard to pull off with my fair skin.

What shade of the four do you like the most? Do you own any of these or do you love a different matte lip product?

til next time…

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