In Love: Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipsticks

Last week I raved about the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams and I want to continue spreading the love of specific beauty products!

This time I am expressing my love for the Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipsticks – one of my go-to lip products currently.

Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipsticks Review

These lipsticks from Maybelline are getting a lot of buzz and hype from beauty bloggers and rightfully so! They are amazingly pigmented and have a matte finish without drying out your lips too much. When I do find them drying out, I simply rub my lips together and it reactivates the product and makes it creamy again.

Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipsticks Review

I started my collection with Touch of Spice then received Mesmerizing Magenta (not shown) in my Secret Santa gift. I knew I needed more shades so I went on a hunt and found Siren in Scarlet and Lush for Blush as well as a backup of Touch of Spice. Every shade is amazing, both in pigmentation and finish. There are also 6 other shades in the line but they just weren’t for me (except if I could find Divine Wine).

Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipsticks Review

I’m really hoping that Maybelline comes out with more shades for the Creamy Matte line – I know that I would be the first to pick them up!

If you haven’t tried these lipsticks yet, I still see some of them in drugstores although the stock is a little limited. Keep your eyes out for them though!

Have you tried these lipsticks and love them as much as I do?

til next time…

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