Mani Monday: Chanel Paparazzi

Chanel Paparazzi Nail Polish Review Swatch

Hooray! A new Chanel nail polish to add to my collection. If you didn’t know, I actually collect Chanel nail polishes. Every time I go on a trip I buy a new Chanel polish as a souvenir. A couple weeks back I was in New Orleans for a conference and made my way to Saks Fifth Avenue. Now it did take me awhile to pick out this polish. Nothing new was grabbing my attention so I went to the big display and started going through the ones I don’t own (that is getting harder and harder….).

I finally ended up falling in love with Paparazzi which came out with the Avant-Première collection in 2013.

Chanel Paparazzi Nail Polish Review Swatch

This plum-brown colour is very unique and reminds me of a muted marsala (you know, that colour that everyone is talking about nowadays). In the bottle you can see a fine copper shimmer but once on the nail, like a lot of Chanel polishes, it disappears. I really think that this fine shimmer gives a creme finish polish a bit of dimension very subtly.

Chanel Paparazzi Nail Polish Review Swatch

In different lights the colour can appear more red/copper and in others more brown. Like I said, very unique.

This is a one coater. That’s right. The swatch you see here….one. single. coat. Hooray!! The formulation of this polish reminds me why I love Chanel polishes. Not too thin or too thick. Self-levels like a dream. Dries to a glossy finish (but I still top it with Seche Vite). Minimal chipping and tip wear after a couple of days. I wore this right after my trip and it lasted the whole week.

Chanel Paparazzi Nail Polish Review Swatch

So what do you think of my latest addition? Is this colour something you would wear?

til next time…

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