Empties: April 2015

April 2015 Empties Reviews

My Empties basket was overflowing so I knew I had to post about these items pronto! I’m trying to clear out my stash as best I can without bringing too much new stuff into my collection. How do you fly through products/samples quickly? I need all the tips I can get!

Soap & Glory Clean, Girls Body Wash – OMG this thing lasted forever and a day! It smells amazing but I got sick of it after awhile. Didn’t dry out my skin and lathers really well. Verdict: May purchase a smaller bottle.

Biotera Dry Shampoo – This has become one of my most favourite dry shampoos. I love that it is clear so that I don’t have a white cast on my red hair. It definitely dulls the look of my hair so I have to spray some shiny hairspray over top. Smells nice and sprays very evenly. Verdict: Already repurchased.

Ayres Patagonia Body Butter – A very thick body butter that has a very natural/earthy scent that isn’t really up my alley. It hydrated my skin very well but I couldn’t get over the scent. Verdict: Will not purchase.

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter – I used to be obsessed with these years back. They were the only lotion I would buy. I do find them a bit too greasy now but it does smelly heavenly! Verdict: Will not repurchase.

George’s Special Dry Skin Cream – If you have super dry hands, you need to try this. It works so well. A staple before bed during the winter when my hands are super dry. Verdict: May purchase, once I get through my pile of hand lotions.

Maybelline Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara – Maybelline just owns the drugstore mascara category in my opinion. One of my favourites of theirs. No flaking or smudging, holds my curl really well. The bottom lash brush is great for very natural looking lashes or for layering underneath the top lash mascara. Verdict: Will repurchase.

L’Oreal Voluminous Curved Brush Mascara – I don’t know why I purchased this. I remember loving this mascara years ago. But now my lashes can’t hold a curl and I need waterproof mascara. I love the way this looks for the first minute then my lashes fall. Verdict: Will not repurchase.

Fresh Seaberry Facial Oil – Holy grail oil! I haven’t tried many facial oils but I think that’s because I found this one early on. It quickly absorbs into the skin, hydrates without making me look greasy or breaking me out. It smells so nice as well. Verdict: Already repurchased.

Derma e Hydrating Night Creme – While this was a good cream as it hydrated well and didn’t break me out, I could not stand the scent of it. I can’t even describe it but I just knew I didn’t like it. Verdict: Will not purchase.

Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation – I absolutely love this foundation. It sits nicely on the skin, has medium coverage, and gives a lit from within glow to the skin. My recent makeup looks have featured me wearing it and it photographs super nicely. Verdict: Already repurchased.

April 2015 Empties Reviews

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster – I recently raved about this product and I’m already missing it. It smells amazing, quickly absorbs into the skin, and hydrates. Verdict: Will repurchase.

Secret Body Spray in Cocoa Butter Kiss – If you want to smell like summertime at the beach, pick this up! My go-to fragrance during the summer and great for travelling. Verdict: Will repurchase.

L’Oreal Miss Manga Waterproof Mascara – Another winner from the drugstore for me. Lengthens nicely and keeps my curl. One of the drier formulations at the drugstore. Verdict: Will repurchase.

NeoStrata Moisture Infusion Serum* – Awhile back I raved about this brand and I still do! More hydrating than the Ole Henriksen serum but both equal in terms of results and in my serum rankings. Verdict: Will purchase.

Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Shampoo – This was a good 1st shampoo shampoo. Cheap, lathers well, doesn’t strip my colour too much. I would typically follow it with one of my colour depositing shampoos or a more hydrating one. Verdict: May repurchase.

Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 Eyes and Lashes – This is a very liquid-y, thin serum in consistency but it definitely adds hydration to the eye area. I prefer an eye cream to an eye serum though. Verdict: Will not purchase.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Primer – Sadly, this did not work for me at all. It made my skin look dry and just can’t compare to my preferred Benefit Porefessional. Verdict: Will not purchase.

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel – The only brow gel I will use. Clear. Perfect. Holds my brows in place. Blends out my brow pencil. Love. Love. Love. Verdict: Already repurchased.

Vitabath Peppermint Shower Gel – This smells like Christmas! Nice and minty. Decent shower gel that lathers well and doesn’t dry out my skin. Verdict: May purchase after I get through a full sized one and a million other shower gels. 

Graydon Clinical Luxury by Nature Face Food Mist* – A super refreshing and hydrating facial mist. It has copper, silver and zinc in it to help with collagen, bacteria and inflammation. It helps any other products be absorbed quickly and deeply into the skin. Verdict: Will purchase

April 2015 Empties Reviews

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Sampler – This product is way too hyped in my opinion. I would rather save some money and use the Maybelline Dream Lumi or Instant Age Rewind. They perform just as well at a fraction of the cost. Verdict: Will not purchase.

Eyeko Mascara Off Eye Makeup Remover Wipes – These are actually pretty small and a bit oily. They do a decent job at removing makeup but I find if I have a lot on I have to use 1 per eye. Verdict: Will not purchase.

Bliss Multi-face-eted Clay Mask – This made my skin tingle, feel refreshed and so smooth. It was a bit difficult to remove that makes me prefer the GlamGlow a bit more as they have very similar results. Verdict: Will not purchase.

Phew! Thanks for making it through this post! Have you tried any of these products and have similar or different opinions?

til next time…

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