Mani Monday: Watercoloured

Watercolour Nail Art Design

I have to admit that I’m struggling with coming up with ideas for Mani Mondays. So what do you do when you need inspiration? Go to Pinterest of course! I stumbled upon this watercolour design that The Nailasaurus had created awhile back.

Any ideas for future Mani Mondays??

Watercolour Nail Art Design

I am so happy with the end result of this nail art design. It is really easy to create with some acetone and q-tips.

To create this:

1) Start with a light colour base but I feel like white would work best which is what I used. Let this dry really well.
2) Take a cup or the cap of your acetone and fill it with acetone.
3) Take a piece of aluminum foil and put some of your first colour on it (5-7 drops to start). [I used Zoya’s Odette]
4) Dip your q-tip into the acetone then dip into the polish then dip into the acetone again.
5) Lightly dab off a tiny bit of the acetone onto the aluminum foil then create dots on the nail in a random pattern. Do all your nails with the first colour.
6) Take your second colour and repeat steps 3-5. Applying it in the white spaces around the first colour. [I used Revlon’s Chic]
7) Repeat the process with colours 1 and 2 again to cover up as much of the white space as possible.
8) Top it off with a topcoat. This step makes the colours bleed together a tiny touch and adds to that watercolour appearance.

Watercolour Nail Art Design

See how easy that is! You can really pick any colours for this design. I think it would look great with pastels or neons.

Watercolour Nail Art Design

What do you think of this watercolour design? Will you give it a try?

til next time…

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