Mani Monday: Leopard Print

Leopard Print Nail Art Design

It’s Monday, again. These weeks are just flying by and I really need them to slow down. I’m still stuck on design ideas so this week I took to Google to find some inspiration. I haven’t done a leopard print mani for awhile so thought I’d revisit that. Hopefully my new nail polishes from the Canadian Beauty Bloggers meetup/swap that I went to this weekend will provide some inspiration.

Leopard Print Nail Art Design

I knew that I didn’t want to create a “natural” looking leopard print. There’s no fun in that. Digging through my containers of polishes I spotted OPI’s Cajun Shrimp and knew that was going to be the featured colour!

I picked out my most favourite neutral polish – OPI’s My Very First Knockwurst – and my Sally Hansen black striper (which is drying out rather quickly) to finish off this look. I would say that this is a good design for a beginner nail artist. It’s relatively simple to create.

Leopard Print Nail Art Design

To create any leopard print look:

1) Start with your base colour and let dry. (I used 2 coats of OPI’s My Very First Knockwurst)

2) Taking a bigger sized dotting tool and some of your featured colour on aluminum foil, create spots randomly on the nail. Typically 4-5 spots look good on the nail.

3) Take a smaller dotting tool and a black polish on aluminum foil and create the rounded lines around the coloured dots. The lines that look the best are either like parentheses () or like a C. 

4) Also make little spots with the black in the blank areas of the nails.

5) Let everything dry and then finish it with a top coat.

Again, this doesn’t have to look perfect to create an awesome mani. Experiment with colour combinations or finishes (metallic spots look really cool). 

Leopard Print Nail Art Design

I hope you enjoyed this mani! Let me know if there are any designs you’d like me to try out 🙂

til next time…

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