Mani Monday: Swapped Combo

Mani Monday Hard Candy Fairy Godmother Quo by Orly Abstract

Last weekend I got together with a bunch of beauty bloggers part of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network for some dinner and fun. The previous time we hung out there was a massive beauty swap and we wanted to continue that tradition. We sprawled out all of our unwanted makeup and beauty items and got to pick out new goodies to take home. We actually had so much stuff left over that we started inviting other girls around to take some stuff home then donated the rest to a women’s shelter and the left over nail polishes to our server at dinner.

There were soooo many nail polishes and most people said “Don’t worry….Kaitlyn is coming. She’ll take them all.” Well…I couldn’t take all of them home but I did take a fair amount. This week’s Mani Monday features two of the polishes I brought home.

Mani Monday Hard Candy Fairy Godmother Quo by Orly Abstract

Both of these polishes intrigued me and caught my eye. As the base colour, I used Hard Candy Fairy Godmother which is this really cool melted metal polish in a periwinkle-lilac-silver shade. Two coats to reach opacity. I did find that I had to be very careful to wipe off a lot of polish on the brush before application or it would pool on the nail. A very nice metallic colour that is perfect for spring.

Mani Monday Hard Candy Fairy Godmother Quo by Orly Abstract

To top the Hard Candy polish I used Quo by Orly polish in Abstract. This is such a cool top coat! It has white, pink and blue small rectangular pieces as well as white square pieces and a lot of small matte white glitter. The small white glitter kind of look like bubbles which I’m not sure I like all that much. I had to use two coats of this to get enough on the nail. The best way is to dip the brush into the bottle then rest the brush right at the top of the neck to allow the clear polish all the particles are suspended in to leave the brush. This lets you get a lot of particles on the nail without applying a super thick layer of polish. The thicker the polish, the more likely to have it chip on you.

Mani Monday Hard Candy Fairy Godmother Quo by Orly Abstract

Quo by Orly Abstract

This is a cool, unique look for springtime. I definitely prefer the Hard Candy polish over the Quo one which actually surprised me. I thought it would have been the reverse. Do you like the look of this? Want to see more swap combinations in the coming weeks?

til next time…

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