Review: L’Oreal Fibralogy Haircare*

L'Oreal Fibralogy Haircare Review

A little while back I found out that I would be receiving the latest VoxBox through Influenster. I’ve received a few in the past and have been very happy with this program (if you’re also a blogger, check them out!). This time around it features the L’Oreal Fibralogy Haircare line. I tried the entire set at least 5 times to see how it worked and have some mixed reviews.

The Fibralogy line from L’Oreal makes some pretty bold claims – increasing the diameter of your hair after 5 washes. They state that a novel ingredient – filloxane – enters into the hair and increases the diameter so that your hair looks fuller and thicker. Filloxane is actually a silica gel that both coats your hair and is able to enter the hair (to a degree). It interacts with the keratin in the hair to make it more rigid (tricks you into feeling thicker hair).

I was able to try out the shampoo, conditioner and thickening booster. The thickening booster is used after shampoo and kept on while using the conditioner. The scent of the products was very nice – fresh and salon type of scent. Overall, they worked like any other decent shampoo and conditioner with good lather, easy to rinse out and made the hair feel silky.

After my first use, I definitely noticed more volume in my hair after I blow dried it. I would say that the volume lasted for about half a day or so. After repeated use, I didn’t see my hair looking thicker or fuller. The huge volume boost I saw after my first use wasn’t seen again which really disappointed me. My hair looked smooth and healthy but not voluminous.

The biggest issue I had was that my scalp got really dry and flaky after using this 3-4 times. I couldn’t figure out what it was as I typically don’t suffer from this. But after I discontinued using these products it went away.

While my hair looked good after using these products, I didn’t see a drastic difference in volume and I had issues with my scalp. I can’t personally recommend this particular line of L’Oreal products but know that others have had success with it. Check out some other L’Oreal lines though like the Ever line (the hair masks are fantastic).

Have you tried this line of products? What are your thoughts?

til next time…

Disclaimer: Products received through Influenster for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by any partners or affiliates.

2 thoughts on “Review: L’Oreal Fibralogy Haircare*

  1. Katie M says:

    I have really thin hair, hands down this is the best drug store volume shampoo. Would I repurchase this, maybe just the shampoo and the serum didn’t feel the need for the conditioner. Even though the conditioner was light weight on my thin hair, just never the need for conditioner.


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