Mani Monday: Simplistic Bold

Simple Easy Nail Art Look

Another Mani Monday just sneaked in with a few minutes to spare. Yesterday as I was planning my nails I came across a really cool dotted design that I thought I was going to recreate. I picked out all the colours I wanted to use to replicate the look and sat down to begin. After I applied the base colour I didn’t want to continue. It was just too pretty on its’ own. So I didn’t mess with my gut feeling, just jazzed it up a tiny bit.

Simple Easy Nail Art Look

The polish that made me stop my thought out plan is Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Blue It. Unfortunately they don’t make this colour anymore but I can say that I have enjoyed most of the polishes I’ve tried from this line. Similar shades are China Glaze Up All Night, Zoya Neve, and Essie Aruba Blue.

It is a gorgeous metallic navy blue that appears brighter once hit with light. It achieved full opacity after two coats of it’s relatively thin formula. It is definitely a bold colour!

Simple Easy Nail Art Look

To jazz it up just a little bit more, I took Revlon Hypnotize and a dotting tool to create a singular dot near the base of each nail. It creates the look of a stud without the pain of adhering one. Plus this will last longer than a stud would.

Revlon Hypnotize Sally Hansen Blue It

I can easily see myself wearing this Sally Hansen polish a lot this summer. It would be great on the toes as well!

til next time…

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