Mani Monday: Glittering Gray

Gray Glitter Nail Art Design

Well last week I was able to sneak a Mani Monday in with minutes to spare. This week, not so lucky. You can blame it on The Bachelorette….it’s just so entertaining! If it’s your guilty pleasure as well, let me know who you like/can’t stand/think so far.

This Mani Monday features another Swapped Combo, like my mani two weeks ago. I still have so many new polishes to try out so you better get used to seeing these combo posts haha!

Gray Glitter Nail Art Design

I was enamoured with this gray polish the minute I laid eyes on it. A good gray polish is hard to come by. A great neutral with a twist and can be paired with pastels to dark, moody shades. Now I’m on the hunt for a great lighter gray shade.

Gray Glitter Nail Art Design

To add a bit of sparkle, I dabbed a glitter polish onto the tips of my nails. I tried to create the best glitter ombré I could with a single glitter polish. The best way to do this is allow most of the polish to leave the brush, leaving only the glitter particles. Then apply this to about half of your nail (don’t create a straight horizontal line though) and repeat this process slowly moving up the nail, adding very thin layers of glitter. If you glob on the polish, your nails will chip almost instantaneously so make sure you apply thin layers.

Gray Glitter Nail Art Design

Nicole by OPI’s Keep Your Gray Job is a great gray polish. Reached full opacity with about 2 coats. There were a couple of spots that needed a bit of touching up after the 2 coats. It leans a little bit blue/purple which are my favourite types of gray shades.

Nicole by OPI’s Shaved Nice caught my attention as I saw this nice pink/gold/silver glitter. However, once on the nail the pink tinge seen in the bottle basically disappeared. A fair amount of glitter is left on the brush once you allow the clear polish to run off which is great. It is mainly very tiny glitter particles with “bigger” ones interspersed so it’s a good base for a glitter ombré but needs to be paired with a bigger glitter polish.

Nicole by OPI Shaved Nice Keep Your Gray Job Swatch Review

What are your thoughts on the latest Swapped Combo mani?

til next time…

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