Mani Monday: Abstract Jungle

Jungle Nail Art Design

Tomorrow is going to be a fantastic day. I’m going to see Drake in concert (eeeeeee!) He’s by far one of my most favourite people and musicians and I never miss a show of his. I knew that this week I wanted to do a nail design for the concert which is part of the Jungle Tour.

I was actually quite surprised when I looked for design ideas and they were minimal for the theme. So I drew inspiration from a leaf nail design and created this abstract jungle one.

I first started off with two coats of Revlon’s Emerald City which is a shimmery green. After that had dried, I took a small eye makeup sponge and randomly sponged on Revlon’s Meteor, Hypnotize, Joe Fresh’s Mallard and OPI’s Did It On Em.

Jungle Nail Art Design

I then took one of my nail art brushes and OPI’s Did It On Em to create the vine like design over the sponged base. I wish I had a more medium toned green to do this as well as a thinner brush but you have to make due with what you have right? It does give that jungle feel though! That’s for sure!

Revlon Emerald City Meteo Hypnotize Joe Fresh Mallard and OPI Did It On Em

What do you think of my jungle interpretation? Check out my previous nail art designs inspired by Drake (here and here)

til next time…

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