Thoughts: NeoStrata SecureWhite Skincare*

NeoStrata SecureWhite Skincare Review

During the most recent Toronto Fashion Week, I had the chance to attend a NeoStrata Press Event. I am obsessed with the NeoStrata products I received before and they become staples in my skincare routine. I was super excited to hear about their new products as I love how much science and technology goes into each and every one.

New to the NeoStrata line are their SecureWhite products – a brightening skincare line. This line promises to minimize hyperpigmentation, dark circles and even skintone in general while making your skin look brighter.

Skin lightening products typically only target melanin (pigment) production through inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme – responsible for causing the darkening of tissue (think of a cut potato turning brown after being exposed to air). The SecureWhite line actually targets dark spots in a multitude of ways using Genowhite, a peptide that targets the melanin production pathway:

1. Stop melanocyte production – these are the skin cells that are like the factories that produce melanin.
2. Stop production of tyrosinase – the enzyme that produces melanin.
3. Reduce melanin production by tyrosinase – reduce the amount of melanin produced by tyrosinase.
4. Reduce pigment dispersion throughout the skin – melanin pigments have to move up through the layers of skin. This stops the pigments from reaching the upper layers of the skin through the action of the ActiWhite compound.
5. Neutralize the melanin that’s already in the skin or got past the previous 4 steps – this is done through the compound RadianSkin.

In addition to those 5 mechanisms above the SecureWhite line also contains Vit-A-Like which is a Vitamin A derivative with retinol-like performance. It enhances skin renewal and removes the dead skin cells on the outer most layer of skin.

Typically, lightening products can be very irritating but this line is tolerant for sensitive skin. Also, individuals with darker skin complain about the performance of lightening products but this line is suitable for all skintones and skin types.

In clinical studies, participants noticed up to a 52% reduction in dark spots after 2 weeks of use and up to a 42% improvement in the overall brightness of the skin.

NeoStrata SecureWhite Skincare Review

I was able to try out three of the products from the line and tried them for about 2 weeks religiously then here and there for a couple of weeks after. I don’t have a lot of dark spots, just one stubborn one that I forgot to take a picture of before starting this regime.

Overall, I did find that my skin looked brighter, not as dull after using these products for only a couple of days. The pesky dark spot on my cheek did not diminish while I was testing out the line, in my opinion. However, since taking a break from the products I do notice it more than when I was using the products.

The SecureWhite Anti Dark Circle Complex was definitely my favourite product of the three. It helped with any puffiness and just gave my eyes a more well-rested look. It didn’t pack a huge dose of hydration so I did mix it with my NeoStrata Aqua Youth Eye Cream to address that skin issue.

The SecureWhite Brightening Serum was very close to being tied with the Anti Dark Circle Complex for favourite. It absorbed very well into the skin, my skin looked more alive after using it for a couple of days and it didn’t irritate my skin. However, again, it is nowhere near hydrating or moisturizing enough for my dry skin. I definitely had to follow it up with a facial oil or super hydrating moisturizer. So if you have extremely dry skin, you’re going to need the extra help as well.

Lastly, the SecureWhite Brightening Cream with SPF 30 was my least favourite of the products. I have issues with some moisturizers with SPF in them. They tend to ball up on my skin, make my skin feel a bit sticky, and just don’t absorb well into my skin. Unfortunately this product did all of those things. I had issues using foundation after it sometimes which is very aggravating. If you have oilier skin I think that this would be fine for you. I do enjoy that it has the SPF in it already because what’s the point of fixing all your hyperpigmentation if you are just going get more sun damage.

NeoStrata SecureWhite Skincare Review

Overall, I recommend this line to people with hyperpigmentation issues that have normal to oily skin. If you have dry skin, perhaps add in a facial oil or one of the products from the NeoStrata Aqua Youth line.

Make sure to check out my previous review of NeoStrata products as they all thoroughly impressed me.

Please let me know if you enjoyed me going through some of the science involved in these products and if you could understand it. I want to incorporate this more but want to make sure that it is useful information.

til next time…

Disclaimer: Products were provided for consideration of review. All opinions and thoughts are my own and not influenced by partners, companies or affiliates.

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