The Shopping Channel July Beauty Bag

The Shopping Channel July 2015 Beauty Bag

I always love a good deal. So when I received a coupon for $50 off my order at The Shopping Channel, I knew that I wanted to get the most bang for my buck. I also picked up the St. Tropez Gradual In-Shower Self Tan (I’ll review it in the future) but the best deal ever was the July Beauty Bag. 

This beauty bag features deluxe sized products for $19.99 plus shipping. Now as a newbie to The Shopping Channel I don’t know if this is a monthly bag or a seasonal one. I hope it’s seasonal but I would probably still pick it up monthly if that is the case. 

I just got this in the mail and unfortunately it is already sold out….but make sure to check out The Shopping Channel’s website for future bags!

The Shopping Channel July 2015 Beauty Bag

This edition of the beauty bag features 13 products ranging from makeup to skincare to body care and are all very well sized. All of them come in this great makeup that is a textured black vegan leather with striped lining inside.

The Shopping Channel July 2015 Beauty Bag

I am so impressed with this beauty bag I will definitely buy some more in the future. Why am I so impressed….well keep reading and see how good of a value it truly is! All the prices I list are the values of the actual samples in the bag.

The Shopping Channel July 2015 Beauty Bag

L’Occitane Amande Hand Cream – $12.00

Fruits and Passion Cucina Coriander and Olive Tree Hand Cream – $5.00

Taya Amazon White Clay Shampoo and Conditioner Duo – $7.00

The Shopping Channel July 2015 Beauty Bag

Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner – $4.75

M. Asam Vino Gold Day and Night Cream – $10

Intelliwhite Pout and Polish Pen – $29.99

Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Hydramoist Eye Pads – $35.00

The Shopping Channel July 2015 Beauty Bag

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer Mini – $11.40

Aromachology Clean and Fresh Eau de Parfum – $8.00

The Face Shop Milk Calcium Nail Pack – $3-4 (not available on The Shopping Channel yet)

The Shopping Channel July 2015 Beauty Bag

Pur Minerals Big Look Mascara – $16.00

Perricone MD Blue Plasma Orbital – $39.00

Skinn Cosmetics Reorganize Night Eye Balm – $20.71

Total Value = $201.85

Do you see what I mean??? I am so excited to start trying out a lot of these products – especially the Perricone MD Blue Plasma Orbital. 

Please let me know if you want fuller reviews of any of these products! If not, you’ll see them pop up in Empties posts in the coming months.

I will keep everyone up to date on future beauty bags from The Shopping Channel. They are far too good to pass up!

til next time…

3 thoughts on “The Shopping Channel July Beauty Bag

    • Kaitlyn D says:

      I haven’t tried many of them out yet just because I’ve been so busy! Definitely going to keep my eye out for future bags though!


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