Mani Monday: Anchors Away!

Nautical Nail Art Design

After a week of craziness, work and birthday celebrations, I’m back with a new Mani Monday. Last weekend I was on a party boat all day Sunday for a friend’s birthday and I wanted to draw from that and create a nautical nail art design. I absolutely love anything nautical and it’s such a quintessential summer style. 

Nautical Nail Art Design

To create this design, I painted my index finger and thumb with Sally Hansen Blue It, my middle and ring fingers with Sinful Colors Snow Me White and my pinky with Revlon Red Carpet.

For the index and pinky fingers, I simply used a dotting tool and Revlon Hypnotize to create the lines of dots – either lined up in the middle or slightly off center.

Nautical Nail Art Design

For the middle finger, once the white base has dried, take a large dotting tool and Revlon Hypnotize to create the top of the anchor which is a large circle. Then using a nail art brush or a small paint brush, create a straight line from the circle down the nail. Create a perpendicular line just below the circle and then a U shape at the end of the vertical line. Add little arrowheads at either end of the U to finish off the gold parts of the anchor. Lastly, take some more white polish and a dotting tool to create a smaller white dot in the middle of the gold dot.

For the stripes you can use striping tape to create vertical or horizontal lines. You can also freehand the lines, like in the design, using more of the blue polish and a longer bristled nail art brush. It’s best to steady your drawing hand on a hard surface and try to limit it’s movement as much as possible. For horizontal lines, it’s easiest if you actually rotate the finger you are creating the lines on instead of moving the hand holding the brush. If you create any wonky lines, take the white polish and touch those mistakes up.

Nautical Nail Art Design

Polishes Used: Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Revlon Red Carpet, Revlon Hypnotize* and Sally Hansen Blue It

Nautical Nail Art Design

Sorry for the absence it’s just been crazy recently. I have done a lot of prep work for a couple weeks’ worth of posts so stay tuned!

til next time…

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