Thoughts: Bioderma Hydrabio Skincare*

Bioderma Hydrabio Review

A couple weeks ago I spoke about some of my favourite sun products from Bioderma. I am super fortunate to be able to try out a lot of their products and I tend to like all of them. I just had to share the latest two products I’ve been testing out from the Hydrabio line of Bioderma.

The Micelle Solution by Bioderma is the most well-known product they make and it comes in 4 different variations. The Hydrabio H2O is formulated for dehydrated, sensitive skin and has some really cool science behind it. The Hydrabio line features a patent for Aquagenium that biologically re-activates the skin’s ability to moisturize itself. It does this by activating and producing the channels in the skin membrane that allow water to enter the cell. Also, it features fatty acid esters which are similar to some of the key components of the skin cell membrane and can be used to restore the film that coats the membranes ensuring that moisture stays in the cells and skin.

Another product in the Hydrabio line is the Hydrabio Sérum, a moisturizing concentrate. Use this after cleansing and before moisturizing, or as a makeup base. It instantly makes the skin feel more hydrated and plump but over the long term helps the skin to moisturize itself because it too contains Aquagenium. Now this product is great for people with dry to normal skin but if you have normal to combination skin, try the Hydrabio Légère. If you have very dry skin, try the Hydrabio Riche (I need this for the winter!)

Both of these products make my skin very comfortable, no longer tight after cleansing and instantly more plump. Even if you have combination skin, you can still have dehydrated skin which could really use both of these products. Now the micelle solution doesn’t do the greatest job on waterproof mascara but it’s a must for me in the morning as I don’t like to cleanse my skin too much then to minimize any hydration loss.

Have you tried this line of Bioderma products? What did you think?

til next time…

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Disclaimer: The products featured in this review were provided for consideration.

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