A Day at the CNE + Haul

A few days ago I ventured down to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE or The Ex) with my friend Evelyn for our annual trip. Now we don’t approach The Ex in a typical fashion as we don’t go on any of the rides or eat most of the food (due to dietary reasons). However, we do go shopping, play bingo and look at all the cute farm animals.

Keep reading to see how our day went plus see what goodies I picked up while shopping there.

Sandcastles are one of the must sees every year. While all of them are super cool, the above one was the absolute best. It photographs soo well to enhance the design elements. Also, we make sure to find the butter carvings. Yes, that’s a thing haha!

Now like I said we do go for the shopping at The Ex every year. We can usually find some great beauty products and potentially some clothes or accessories. This year there was a designer shoe sale which had some great deals as well as a BCBG booth plus the usual Stitches-like booths.

Now beauty products are the main focus of our shopping and there are booths inside and outside. There are two inside but they are run by the same people so you really only have to go to one. The company that has one outside is usually where I find the best deals but this year both Evelyn and I were very disappointed with their offerings. Oh well, we saved some money right? You mainly find drugstore makeup here from brands like Revlon, Covergirl, and Almay.

Now a lot of people go to The Ex solely for the crazy food that’s sold like red velvet pancakes with fried chicken or deep fried Twinkies. Now both Evelyn and I are gluten free so finding food options is extremely hard. The directory indicates which food places offer gluten free or other dietary restriction options but whenever we get to the stand no one knows anything about it. It’s really quite frustrating and I wish I had all the money in the world to open up a food place next year that offers really cool food that accommodates all dietary restrictions. We stick to the same thing every year – roasted corn on the cob, fries from Chicago Fries and lemonade. All fantastic but I wish I could try something else. We did have $0.99 tacos this year because thankfully the owner was around when I asked a highschooler what was gluten free.

Now it may seem like we didn’t have a good time at The Ex this year. But I swear we did. Saw some really cute animals, continued our losing streak at bingo and just enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

I did score a few good things from shopping too and I have them below. I found a sports apparel booth this year and searched high and low for anything Yankees, Leafs or Patriots and didn’t find anything that I liked. I admitted defeat to Evelyn, immediately turned to my right and caught a glimpse of a Patriots logo – a shirt! Hooray!

Also found my favourite nail files – the Revlon File ‘n Peel for a couple bucks each. As well as 3 nail polishes for 3 for $5. The colours I bought were Sinful Colors Let Me Go, Revlon Rich and Revlon Bohemian.

Spotted these L’Oreal Infallible shadows in Golden Emerald and Glistening Garnet and had to bring them home! That Golden Emerald, like c’mon! Hoping to do a makeup look with that soon.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of my day at The Ex. What are your musts to do when you visit??

til next time…

Make sure to check out my haul from last year’s CNE as well as my recap from last year as well!

4 thoughts on “A Day at the CNE + Haul

  1. Megan Joy says:

    Looks like you got some pretty great things! Those eyeshadows are intense and so pretty for fall. We got some of the so called “weird” food and none of it was very good unfortunately. We should have stuck to corn like you guys did, it looks yummy!


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