Thoughts: Hard Candy Fierce Effects in Slow & Steady

Hard Candy Fierce Effects Slow and Steady Review Swatch

Similar to my recent post about the bareMinerals Crowd Pleasers, I purchased this eyeshadow duo from Hard Candy during the Christmas season. With attempting to study for my PhD defense, it’s hard for me to create new content all the time, so finding unused photos is a blessing.

I’ve had a good chance to try out the Hard Candy Fierce Effects Eyeshadow Duo in Slow & Steady (#897) and thought I’d share my review!

Hard Candy Fierce Effects Slow and Steady Review Swatch

What first intrigued me about this duo was the words “high intensity”. Second, was the similar packaging to the L’Oreal Infallible shadows. The Hard Candy Fierce Effects Duos come in 5 different combinations and retail for $5USD.

I settled on the Slow & Steady combination as it was the most neutral and knew I would reach for it more.

Hard Candy Fierce Effects Slow and Steady Review Swatch

The first shade is a perfect champagne shade – not too pink, not too gold. You can see flecks of brown throughout the shadow and I feel this gives it a bit more dimension. Nice amount of shimmer and the pigmentation is pretty good (not “high intensity” though). This definitely lasts longer if I have a primer on. One of my go-to shadows for a quick, neutral look and I typically pair it with a matte medium brown throughout the crease.

Hard Candy Fierce Effects Slow and Steady Review Swatch

The second shade is a great medium brown shade with a hint of shimmer. That shimmer is definitely coming from the flecks of champagne coloured shadow throughout. The pigmentation on this shadow is great but again not “high intensity”. I haven’t reached for this one as much and I don’t like it in the crease as it is a “loose” eyeshadow and can go a little wild if I’m buffing it in. I really should give it a whirl for a brown smokey eye though.

Hard Candy Fierce Effects in Slow and Steady Review Swatch

Overall, these are decent eyeshadows, especially for the price. I like the feel and pigmentation of the L’Oreal Infallibles more than the Hard Candy ones (probably because the Infallibles are super close in formulation to the Giorgio Armani shadows). I’d be interested to see how the bright colours perform for the Hard Candy duos but I’d only pick them up if on sale.

Have you tried these shadows before? What are your thoughts?

til next time…

4 thoughts on “Thoughts: Hard Candy Fierce Effects in Slow & Steady

    • Kaitlyn D says:

      Stick with L’Oreal – more colour options and they feel better plus are more vibrant. I always keep my eyes out for a sale on the Infallibles.


  1. Chelle @ Makeup Your Mind says:

    I’ve not tried them, but my interest was piqued from the moment they used the same packaging. Interesting to hear that they’re not quite the same. I may give them a whirl at some point, but I don’t remember seeing any particularly unique shades in the Hard Candy line.


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