Life Update

I know. I’ve been pretty absent the past few weeks and unfortunately that might continue for the next 2 weeks….

It’s all for very good reasons though.

I completed my PhD!!!!! Yep, I’m a Dr. now. But not one of those saving lives doctors….I would be horrible at that.

I also got a job offer the day before my PhD defense and start October 19th.

Now what am I going to do from now until then? Go to Europe of course!

My wonderful parents are sending me (partly) to Paris and London as a graduation present. I’ve never left the continent before so that makes it even more exciting. I leave on Monday. Yep, that soon. I booked the trip just mere days ago but think I have most things planned out.

Now I am bringing my laptop and camera so I’m hoping to blog a bit while I’m away (mainly at night when I’m not exploring). But just be warned that it may be pretty silent on here for a bit.

However, make sure to follow me on Twitter and especially Instagram to see what I get up to in Paris and London.

If you have any suggestions on what to do, where to eat, and what European brands to keep my eye out for, please leave a comment!!

til next time…

2 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. writingwhimsy says:

    WOW! You and Jen and your jobs right after your PhDs are making the rest of us look bad because there’s no way that’ll happen for me! Glad you have just enough time to explore before you start ‘real life’! Have an amazing adventure!


    • Kaitlyn D says:

      Never say never! I literally applied to 3 jobs one random Thursday night in August. Got a call for an interview for this one on the following Monday. So excited for my trip….just need to start packing!


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