THEFACESHOP Blackhead Out Strips

THEFACESHOP Blackhead Out strips review

Sometimes you pick something up on a whim and it knocks your socks off. This happens to me very rarely. The most recent time? When I tried out THEFACESHOP Blackhead Out nose strips.

Now what makes these nose strips so different from the other well known ones? First off, they actually work for me. Second, it doesn’t feel like I’m going to rip off my nose when removing them.

THEFACESHOP Blackhead Out strips are a two step process. First, you apply the Blackhead Out step. This step doesn’t dry out like other brands on the market. You leave it on your nose for 10-15 minutes after cleansing and let it do it’s work. It features witch hazel and extracts from sage, mistletoe, myrtle and juniper (to name a few). During that waiting period, all of the gunk in your pores comes up to the surface of your skin and when you remove the strip you see just how many clogged pores you really have. It also softens the clogs for easy removal.

Now if you get satisfaction from popping a pimple or unclogging a pore, you are going to love this! Take either a cotton bud or an extraction tool and gently start pushing the gunk out of your pores. Make sure to have a tissue handy to wipe off anything that comes out of your pores.

THEFACESHOP Blackhead Out strips review

So now your pores are squeaky clean and also look huge! In comes the second step—the Pore Tightening nose sheet. Leave this sheet on for 15-20 minutes after cleaning out your pores. The lemon, ivy, clove, horse chestnut, lavender extracts and witch hazel help tighten up your pores. Those huge pores you saw a little while ago are shrunken now but clean as can be!

Using this two step system is super relaxing and satisfying. Plus at $2 each, quite the bargain for the results you see! Really wish they came in multi-packs like the other nose strips do.

Have you tried THEFACESHOP Blackhead Out Strips out before? What else do you love from THEFACESHOP?

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