Thoughts: H&M Beauty*

H&M Beauty Thoughts Review Swatches

A little while back I let you know about H&M releasing beauty products (a whopping 700 skews!). I’ve been trying out the H&M Beauty products for the past few days when I get ready for work and want to share my thoughts. I also created a makeup look with a majority of the products so you can see them in action.

H&M Beauty Thoughts Review Swatches

The H&M Beauty products range from foundation to nail polish with everything in between. I was fortunate enough to receive a very nice selection to test out through both a PR package and a gift card at an event. Most products are under $12.99 which makes this line very affordable (so I’ll probably be buying some in the future).

Blush in Apricot – I typically don’t pick out apricot coloured blushes but this is quite lovely. The formulation is a bit powdery but has good pigmentation. It’s not too pigmented that makes it hard to work with nor is it sheer. The longevity of the blush is about 6 hours which is a drawback. As well, of all the packaging, the blush feels the cheapest.

Cream Lipstick in Candy Apple – Again, another shade that is taking me out of my comfort zone. I lean towards blue based reds regularly but this Candy Apple shade is a gorgeous bright orange-red. Super pigmented with a great shine finish. Applies very easily with no skipping. Now I wore this for about 2.5 hours after photographing this look and it didn’t wear off. Also, it didn’t start bleeding outside my lips. I did line my lips before I applied it so that could be the reason why it wore so well. It just seems too creamy to be long lasting and non-bleeding.

Liquid Lipstick in Dare Me – This is one of the products that I picked out myself and I somewhat regret it. I wore this one day while I was in Europe and that was a big mistake. It started bleeding outside my lips and was somewhat uncomfortable. Now I didn’t wear a lip liner underneath so I do need to test that out. The colour is nicely pigmented but I do find that it applies a bit patchy. This is a darker colour so don’t discount all shades of the liquid lipstick. I think I just need to play around with it a bit more.

Nail polish in December Dawn – I have to admit that, shockingly, I haven’t tried out this polish yet. What I can say is the shimmer in this polish is stunning. Also, there is an amazing range of colours in this line of polishes.

H&M High Impact Eye Colour in Mojave Review Swatch

High Impact Eye Colour in Mojave – Just like the amazing range of nail polish shades for H&M Beauty, the range of eyeshadow colours is outstanding. From neutrals to bold vibrant shades, you can really find anything. The shade Mojave is a great taupe shade with a satin finish. Love applying this all over the lid then putting a medium brown through the crease for a easy every day look.

H&M True Matte Finishing Powder in Warm Beige Review

True Matte Finishing Powder in Warm Beige – At no time would I think that a powder in the shade Warm Beige would work for me. But thankfully, this finishing powder is very sheer and light so it blends seamlessly into my skin. It definitely keeps me shine free in the T-zone while not making my skin look too matte and lifeless.

H&M Eye Colour Palette in Smokey Nudes

Eye Colour Palette in Smokey Nudes – So I loved the single eyeshadow formulation but how does the 9 eyeshadow palette compare? Unfortunately it’s not as good as the single eyeshadows. I find that the formulation is a bit harder than the single eyeshadows and because of this the pigmentation on the lighter shades is more sheer. The darker shades perform better in swatches. For application, it is definitely more sheer than a swatch is, so you have to apply more product to get the pigmentation you want. The shadows blended nicely and can be used to create a decent variety of looks. The middle shade is the hardest to work with. I had to wet my brush to make sure the colour showed up and the glitter didn’t end up all over my face.

H&M Beauty Thoughts Review Swatches

H&M Eye Colour Palette in Smokey Nudes Swatch

H&M Beauty Thoughts Review Swatches

H&M Beauty Thoughts Review Swatches

For the makeup look I created, I used the Apricot blush, Candy Apple cream lipstick, finishing powder and the Smokey Nudes palette. I applied the middle shade on my lid with a wet brush then took the top right, middle left and bottom right throughout the crease. I also took the bottom right shade along the lower and upper lash lines. Finally, I took the top left shade to highlight my inner corner and browbone. For a highlighter, I took the top middle shadow and applied it to my cheekbones for a very subtle glow.

H&M Beauty Thoughts Review Swatches

Have you tried anything by H&M Beauty yet? What are your thoughts?

til next time…

Disclaimer: Products sent for consideration. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts: H&M Beauty*

  1. Angela says:

    I haven’t tried anything yet but I’ve swatched the single shadows in store and they are fantastic! I found the retail price to be a bit higher than what I expect H&M to be. Too bad the palette is not as good quality as it’ hard to find drugstore palettes.

    Raincouver Beauty


  2. Jennifer Monforton says:

    Such a pretty look you created! I just reviewed a few goodies from the line and totally love them- the cream lipsticks, powder blushes, and cream shadows are great! Looks like I’ll be steering clear of the liquid lipsticks and shadow palettes.


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