New In: Chanel Holiday 2015 Collection

Chanel Holiday 2015 Collection

The Chanel Holiday collection is here! Which means I had to pick up a few items from this stunning collection. All based on the classic Rouge Noir shade this collection is absolutely stunning.

I picked up the highlighting blush, one of the lipglosses and the highlight of the entire collection – the Rouge Noir topcoat.

Chanel Holiday 2015 Collection

Joues Contraste Lumière Highlighting Blush in Coup de Minuit

I was really hoping that one of the intricate highlighters would be released with this collection but alas it was not. Instead, a highlighting blush with a pink-gold shimmer was released. You can wear this alone or on top of any blush. It is so silky it feels like butter. I am so excited to start experimenting with this!

Chanel Holiday 2015 Collection

Lèvres Scintillantes Lip Gloss in Étincelle

I went in knowing I was buying the highlighting blush and topcoat. But when the makeup artist used this gloss on me, I knew I had to have it. Like the topcoat, it has a red-berry base with a gorgeous gold shimmer. The colour is pretty sheer on it’s own but it looks amazing over a berry or red lip. Adding just a touch of fine shimmer.

Chanel Holiday 2015 Collection

Le Top Coat Lame Rouge Noir Gold Sparkle Nail Coat 

I had heard tales of this top coat for months. Just the description made me have to have it. A tri-layer top coat. Like what?!?! Is this real life?? Shake the bottle and all the gold flakes at the bottom disperse to create the most beautiful polish I have ever seen. I’m currently testing this out on different colours so watch out for a post later this week about the top coat.

Chanel Holiday 2015 Collection

Chanel Holiday 2015 Collection

The Chanel Holiday 2015 collection is available now! All three of these products are limited edition so go pick them up quickly!!

til next time…

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