Thoughts: Bite Beauty Mauvember Lipstick

Bite Beauty Mauvember Review Swatch

During the Sephora sale last month I picked up a ton of things. Some staples that I can’t live with, some items that have been on my wishlist for a long time and some limited edition items.

The Bite Beauty lipstick in Mauvember is one of those limited edition items. Now while the shade is limited, the Luminous Crème formulation is one of their best sellers. I had only ever tried the dual ended lipsticks before so I still wanted to share my thoughts on the full size of this formulation.

Bite Beauty Mauvember Review Swatch

Mauvember was created in honour of Movember with proceeds going to the foundation. What they created was a lovely muted medium toned pink- mauve lipstick that leans more pink.

The pigmentation of this lipstick is fantastic while also delivering a hydration punch with its shine finish. It is super comfortable to wear on the lips and lasts for about 3 hours until I feel the need to touch up.

By being so impressed with this lipstick shade, I am definitely tempted to try out more shades from the Luminous Crème line. There are 28 shades in the permanent collection with Shiraz, Zin and Quince catching my eye right off the bat.

Bite Beauty Mauvember Review Swatch

What shades of the Bite lipsticks do you love? Were you able to get your hands on Mauvember?

til next time…

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