Mani Monday: Star Wars Edition!

Star Wars Nail Art Design

It’s finally here! No, not Christmas time. Star Wars time! I’ve already seen it in theatres and need to see it at least 2 more times. For the joyous occasion, I had to do Star Wars themed nails.

Hope you enjoy these designs!

Star Wars Nail Art Design

I have to say I’m happier with my left hand of nail art. Probably because I’m right handed. On this hand I have a stormtrooper, R2D2 (my favourite), Darth Vader and C3P0.

My thumbs actually have STAR WARS on them but they were too hard to photograph together.

Star Wars Nail Art Design

On my right hand I went with simpler designs. Bobba Fett, a lightsaber, a portion of the Death Star and two lightsabers during a fight.

I absolutely loved the new movie. A perfect blend of the storytelling and feel of the older episodes with the new CGI and technology of the newer episodes. Have you seen the new Star Wars movie yet?

Do you want me to do any other nail art based on a movie or book?

til next time…

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