2016 Resolutions

They always say that if you are going on a diet or trying to break a bad habit, you should tell someone to keep you accountable. Well you, my dear readers, are going to keep me accountable.

After qualifying for Sephora VIB Rouge on Boxing Day and kind of wondering where else a chunk of my income went, I realized I need to change up my spending habits. Blame it on the stress during the first half of 2015 or drastic increase in my income after starting my first job as a working woman. Enough is enough. OSAP will be knocking on my door soon enough and I would really like to travel a bit this year.

But how will I keep my spending in check this year? I have come up with a plan that limits my spending all while allowing myself to still shop here and there.

First, I am allowed one purchase of higher end makeup per month and one purchase of drugstore makeup per month. Let’s face it. I’m not going to stop buying makeup but this should help. Now these purchases can’t be $300 each. One product should be sufficient on the high end side and a couple for the drugstore. I hope this will work out and will make me really figure out what products I really want instead of just buying for the heck of it. Maybe I should leave my purchase until the end of the month so I can really think about it. Unless it’s a limited edition product….of course.

Second, go through my massive stash of makeup and skincare before buying a new product of the same type. As a blogger and shopaholic, I have quite the collection of things. If I don’t use these products, the money I spent is completely thrown away. I’m hoping to incorporate this into my blog with Shop My Stash makeup looks every 2 weeks or so. Some serious Empties posts will also result.

Third, find ways to save extra money. Whether it be using coupons or selling some clothes to consignment stores, I should be able to save a few extra bucks here and there that should immediately go into my savings. A big suck of money for me lately has been using Ubers often when going out. Just get ready earlier to make time to take the TTC, which I already pay for monthly.

Lastly, consciously think about any shopping excursions. Do I really need that 10th crop top for going out? Maybe practice a one in, one out rule with clothing. Or I can do what I did the first year I lived in Toronto. I would do some online shopping, look at my cart of things I acquired and the total price and then clear my shopping cart. Immediately after, I would go onto my bank account and move the total price of the shopping cart from my chequing to one of my savings accounts. It helps me see how much money I would have spent over time and that really helps!

So being smart with my money is my key resolution of the year. But I also have some other blog related resolutions that I hope to stick to.

1. Post more often. (At minimum, 3 times a week)
2. Be more organized. (I created an awesome spreadsheet to start me off right)
3. Be more proactive. (Work on posts ahead of time instead of scrambling the night before)
4. Post PR products faster. (I never want to be that blogger that PR people have to bug to get a post up if I promised I would)
5. Up my social media game. (Improvements can always be made. Make sure to follow me!)

Well there you have it. I’m hoping these resolutions are achieved. But that’s all on me. Please keep me accountable though, especially if you go shopping with me haha!

What are your resolutions for 2016?

til next time…

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