Tom Ford Lips and Boys Lipstick in Drake

Tom Ford Drake Lipstick Swatch Review

There a few things that people always associate with me – beauty products and Drake. So when it was announced several months ago that Tom Ford would be releasing a lipstick named Drake in his Lips and Boys collection, I knew it had to be mine!

This was probably the hardest product to get my hands on. I went to Holt Renfrew the day after I heard about it and placed myself on the waitlist, even giving my credit card to put it on hold. As the release day came closer, I visited the store a couple days before to see what my chances were. It was already available online (accidentally as I learned later on) and I wanted to make sure I bought it. The sales rep didn’t fully promise me but said I was pretty high up on the list.

The release day came and no phone call. I walked over after work and the sales rep explained that they received 8 to the store and 5 of them went to “private” shoppers. I get that these people spend a lot of money at Holt’s but a waitlist should really be first come, first serve. I was not in the top 3 of the waitlist so no lipstick for me. I was told that they had already ordered more but maybe to buy online to make sure I got it. I hurried home to buy one and in that time, they sold out. Heartbroken is the most accurate description of my emotions at that time. But thankfully, a week or so later, I received my call that the second order came in and one was for me! … credit card of course didn’t go through. When I called I found out that the wrong number was punched in and as soon as that was fixed I could breathe. After worked, I rushed over to pick up my baby. It’s mine!

Okay story time is over. What do I think of this lipstick?

Tom Ford Drake Lipstick Swatch Review

Drake is a stunning metallic berry shade that is highly pigmented and comfortable on the lips. The metallic nature of the shade isn’t too overpowering so it just appears to be a high shine finish. Surprisingly, it’s a great everyday shade that is very appropriate for work and the weekend. In the photo on the Tom Ford site, it looks a lot darker than it actually is.

Like I said, it is very comfortable on the lips and feels moisturizing. The only downside to that is that it doesn’t last on the lips for a long period of time – about 2 hours at most until I need to reapply. Because of this, I don’t wear it very often because it is a smaller lipstick, is limited edition and cost a hefty $39.

Tom Ford Drake Lipstick Swatch Review

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and even once I finish up the lipstick I will refuse to throw away the tube.

What makeup products did you HAVE to buy the minute you knew they existed?

til next time…

6 thoughts on “Tom Ford Lips and Boys Lipstick in Drake

  1. Miranda Chan says:

    im sorry u had such a hard time getting this product 😦 I had ordered it online the same day it was launched on the HR website (before HR publicly said they had it) i feel like they released it secretly online as part of their bulk Boys lipsticks. anyways, I bought one ..and i also got Julian – my post will be coming soon! would love to see u do a look around this lippie!


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