Mani Monday: Colouring Book

Colouring Book Nail Art

Adult colouring books have become the latest trend and for many good reasons. They get us away from our technology, allow out artistic side to come out, and have been found to reduce stress and help calm us. But why limit the colouring to just a book? Let it move onto your fingertips as well.

This nail art design definitely allows for practice of small pattern work with a small art brush and the colours don’t need to be perfect to give that coloured in look.

Colouring Book Nail Art

To begin this design, start with two coats of white polish for a perfect canvas. Then taking a small nail art brush, create a rough pattern outline with black polish. This step doesn’t need to be perfect as you will be colouring over it.

Take the colours you want to “colour” with and start filling in the black and white pattern with the same small nail art brush. Alternate colours and shades to create the look you want. Allow this to dry for a minute or two.

Use the same black polish and brush to go over the black pattern created earlier. This cleans up the design and hides any instance of you colouring outside the lines. Allow the designs to dry for 10 minutes if using a fast drying top coat or 20 minutes if using a matte top coat. If want to save some time, apply the fast drying top coat first and then the matte top coat. Your nails dry really quickly but have the appearance of a matte finish.

Colouring Book Nail Art

Polishes Used: Zoya Odette, OPI I’m in the Moon for Love, Sinful Colors Snow Me White, OPI Never Have Too Mani Friends!, Ceramic Glaze Smells Like Rain, Essie Melody Maker.

Colouring Book Nail Art

Have you started colouring? I find it super relaxing but need to find more time for it!

til next time…

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