Smooth Wax Bar Experience

A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to head to Smooth Wax Bar and celebrate their opening in Toronto. Smooth Wax Bar first opened in London, ON almost 2 years ago and then recently opened their second location in Toronto in November. Their Toronto location is in Liberty Village, just south of King, which makes it very accessible. What I loved right away was learning that the salon supports businesses run by women and based in Canada when they choose the lines of products to carry. A couple include LOVEFRESH and i love my muff.

They were gracious enough to offer me a service of my choice and I won’t go into detail about it but for what it was, it was actually very enjoyable! Not too much pain and certainly not uncomfortable. My experience definitely was made by my waxologist who answered all of my questions, kept my mind off the pain and was super professional (and quick!).

Smooth Wax Bar imports their hard waxes in from Australia. But why two hard waxes? Well, one is best for overall hair removal for those sensitive areas while the other ones can get super short hairs. The hard waxes are used for the bikini area, underarms and face and the salon also has soft waxes (the one used with fabric strips) for areas like the legs and arms. Because the hard waxes are used on the bikini area, it minimizes the pain as it really only adheres to the hairs and not the surrounding skin. Hallelujah for that!

During my wax, I was given some great tips about pre and post wax routines and wanted to share some of them so that your next wax is the best it can be!

Pre Wax Tips

1. Put down the razor! Don’t shave the area. If you are going for your first wax, make sure you haven’t shaved for at least 3 weeks. This allows the hair to grow long enough to remove with the wax.
2. Get steamy. Take a warm shower beforehand to open the pores and clean the skin.
3. No sun, lotions or drinks. Avoid tanning, lotions/gels and alcohol on the day of your appointment. You can have a drink right after the wax though (it definitely helps you forget about the pain).
4. Scan it. Make sure you don’t have any cuts on your skin where you will be waxed. Also keep an eye out for skin tags and cold sores (especially if you are getting your upper lip done).

Post Wax Tips

1. Cool down. Keep the area cool for the next 24 hours. That means no tanning, hot tubs, or intense exercise.
2. Stay away from scents. Avoid heavily scented products for 24 hours as they can irritate the skin. Non scented products can be used though, and recommended to keep the skin nice and moisturized.
3. Exfoliate. After the 24 hour mark has passed, you need to exfoliate the skin on a regular basis. This prevents any ingrowns or white heads that may pop up after your wax.
4. Put down the razor! Yep, just like the pre wax tips, you need to stay away from the razor. Shaving after your wax ruins everything that you went through all the pain for. Schedule your waxes every 3-4 weeks so that the hair will be long enough but doesn’t start solidifying it’s root underneath. This should minimize pain even further once you become a regular.

Now Smooth Wax Bar offers two different types of packages – the Smoothaholic Membership and the Smooth Bar Tab. The membership charges you for your service once a month (great for those of you who wax on the regular, every 4 weeks). The bar tab is where you pre-pay for 6 treatments and get your 7th free (perfect for those that get waxed every 3 or 5 weeks, or that aren’t so strict with their waxing routine). Make sure to check out their site for more information!

For my lovely readers, Smooth Wax Bar has offered a great deal for all of you! If you use the promo code ‘kaitlyn‘, you get 25% off services at Smooth Wax Bar until April 2016! How awesome is that?!?

til next time…

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