Mani Monday: Splattered Paint

Splatter Nail Art Design and Tutorial

Continuing with Spring Trends for nail art, Nicole Miller’s SS16 collection drew inspiration from street art and NYC. The lead manicurist, Katie Jane Hughes, created a paint splatter design to channel the urban feel of the collection. Paint splatter designs are really cool on the nails but can be a little difficult to achieve if you don’t have the right tools or techniques. Thankfully, Hughes used an item that most girls have plenty of to create the design—a bobby pin.

Splatter Nail Art Design and Tutorial

For setup, you will want to do this somewhere that you don’t mind getting messy. Lay out an older towel or a lot paper towels to protect any areas from polish. If you have a liquid latex product that you can apply around your cuticles, apply that and allow to dry before you start. A small container (like a shot glass) with acetone in it will help with cleaning the bobby pin throughout the process.

To begin with the design, choose your base colour and apply 2 coats and allow to dry for a few minutes.

For the splatter, start with the accent colour of the design and apply some in the loop of the bobby pin (where it bends on the one side). Quickly, before any can drip out, hold the bobby pin above the nails and then blow hard onto the loop area. Depending on the consistency of the polish, how hard you blow and how far away the bobby pin is from the nails, you can get very fine splatter to larger spots and streaks. Continue doing this for each nail until you are happy with it.

Add splatters of 1 or 2 more polishes that complements the first two colours. You can also go back with the first splatter at the end to layer the colours. Allow the splatter design to dry for at least 10 minutes before applying top coat. While the polishes are drying, take a small paintbrush and acetone to clean up around the nail as polish probably got everywhere.

Splatter Nail Art Design and Tutorial

Polishes Used: Mary Kay Sweet Lilac, Trust Fund Beauty I Kaled It, OPI I Drive a Supernova, Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Splatter Nail Art Design and Tutorial

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