Saks Fifth Avenue Haul

A couple of weeks ago, all beauty and fashion lover’s wallets started crying. Saks Fifth Avenue has arrived in Toronto! Two stores have opened during that time, one at Sherway Gardens and one on Queen St. W in downtown Toronto. I rushed over there as soon as I was able to and was in absolute awe of how gorgeous the store is.

Now while I would love to buy tons of clothes and accessories from Saks, my budget just wouldn’t allow it. But I definitely fell in love with some stunning pieces—like this leather jacket from Acne. But the beauty department, my wallet can (somewhat) handle that area of the store. The great thing about the Saks on Queen St. is that its’ beauty department complements the one in The Bay. No overlapping counters which means more variety and options for us beauty obsessed individuals.

Some of the brands I was excited to see were Trish McEvoy, By Terry and Chantecaille. Of course, I had to make some purchases on my first couple of trips there. I limited myself so that I didn’t break my New Year’s Resolution too badly and picked up two new products. I also make a cheeky purchase at the Yves Saint Laurent boutique but that is not beauty related (other than that it is a beauty!).

Mario Badescu Glycolic Eye Cream – For those of you that are worried about the high prices of products at Saks, look no further than Mario Badescu! I have tried a few of their products that I picked up in the States a couple of years ago and was very impressed. The Glycolic Eye Cream is a thick cream that hydrates the undereye area like a dream. It has oils and Vitamin E to nourish the skin but also glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells.

I’ve tried this cream every night since I bought it and I am in love. I wake up the next morning and I can still feel a little bit of the product on my skin. I don’t experience as much crepey/dry looking skin under my eyes now which makes putting on my concealer a lot easier. Even with glycolic acid in the cream, I haven’t experienced any irritation around the sensitive skin of my undereyes.

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder – Have your undereyes ever felt like clouds? If not, it’s probably because you have never used this powder. A lot of people steer clear of powder under the eye because they find it dries out the skin and makes you look more tired than before. This powder solves that problem by having hyaluronic acid incorporated into the silica powder. It blurs lines and keeps you matte for hours during the day (but not all day, you do need to touch up later on in the day). The tiniest amount is needed to set my makeup and I solely concentrate it under my eyes and throughout my T-zone. At the end of the day, my undereyes still feel smooth and haven’t creased much at all. And an added bonus, they still feel like clouds. If you can give this product a try at a By Terry counter, please do! You will understand how amazing this feels on the skin.

I’m sure that I will make more purchases at Saks Fifth Avenue in the near future. Perhaps to try out another brand I haven’t had a chance to before. My friend Jen wrote up a great rundown of the entire beauty department at Saks (along with her purchases there) so make sure to check that out too!

til next time…

7 thoughts on “Saks Fifth Avenue Haul

  1. Julie Martinson says:

    I definitely bought that powder right before I left. It is so magical! I think I’m going to hit up the Mario Badescu counter on Friday to get that eye cream too. Saks is so wonderful and dangerous. 🙂


  2. Angela says:

    Omg I am still excited about Nordstrom opening in Vancouver. I can’t imagine if a Saks opened. Not that I can actually buy anything from there 😛 I’ve heard tons of good things about the By Terry powder. Great pick!

    Raincouver Beauty


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