Mani Monday: St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day Nail Art Design

St. Patrick’s Day is only a few more days away and while you are figuring out your all green outfit, don’t forget about your nails! This design features imagery that is always associated with this holiday but with a little glam added.

To complete this design, you will need all the colours of the rainbow, gold and green shimmer/glitter polishes and a small nail art brush.

St. Patrick's Day Nail Art Design

To start off, paint your index and middle fingers with a white polish, your ring finger with a shimmery green and your pinky with a solid gold polish.

Allow your ring and pinky fingers dry as you create the designs on your index and middle fingers.

For the rainbow, start with the yellow colour and create a slightly curved line in the middle of the nail. Next, create an orange and green line on either side of the yellow line. Red and blue lines are up next with purple as the last colour. By starting in the middle, it ensures you can fit the entire rainbow on the nail. You can have the section of white (as seen in this design) or cover the entire nail with a rainbow.

For the four leaf clover, use your small nail art brush to create the shamrock shape. The best way to tackle this is to treat each leaf like a heart. Create the outlines of four hearts with the base of them all meeting in the middle. Fill in the outline with the green polish and if you need to even anything out, go back with the white polish to clean up any lines. Add a stem at the bottom of the shamrock to complete this nail.

Finally, add a gold glitter polish over the solid gold on the pinky to really add some glam to the look.

Top off each nail with a top coat after you allow everything to dry for 10 minutes.

St. Patrick's Day Nail Art Design

Polishes Used: OPI She’s a Bad Muffuletta!, OPI Orange You Going to the Game?, OPI My Twin Mimmy, OPI I’m Sooo Swamped!, OPI My Pal Joey, Essie All Access Pass, Chanel Chaine Or, Sally Hansen Golden Rule, Misslyn Kiwi Bomb, and Sinful Colors Snow Me White.

St. Patrick's Day Nail Art Design

St. Patrick's Day Nail Art Design

What do you plan on doing for St. Patrick’s Day?

til next time…

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