Mani Monday: Easy Springtime Design

Easy Marbled Nail Art

Need a new mani design that is easy to complete but still remains eye-catching? Look no further than this one! By choosing springtime appropriate shades, you can make people keep asking where you got your nails done or how you did it over and over again this season. It’s as simple as going to your kitchen drawer and finding your cling wrap!

Easy Marbled Nail Art

To start off, choose the base colour of your mani and apply two coats. Allow to fully dry before moving on with this mani.

Taking a piece of cling wrap, loosely ball it up so that there are creases in it. Paint the first of your accent colours lightly onto the cling wrap. Dab the polish lightly onto one of your nails. Pressing too hard will apply too much polish. Repeat for all nails with the first colour.

Repeat the process for the second accent colour for all nails. You can go back with the first accent colour or the base colour to finish off the look.

Allow the design to dry for a few minutes then apply a top coat to protect the design but also blend some of the colours together.

Easy Marbled Nail Art

Polishes Used: OPI Purple Palazzo Pants, OPI Gelato On My Mind, and Essie Chillato.

Easy Marbled Nail Art

til next time…

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