Empties – April 2016

Recent Empties April 2016

It’s been a really long time since I’ve done an empties post. So long that I had such a huge pile of things that I was overwhelmed and threw them all out. Thought that I would start fresh with more manageable amounts of empties. Typically I would like to do these on my YouTube channel but I figured with such a small amount of things, it was reasonable to post on here.

I am trying to go through a lot of my samples and skincare in general so I’m sure there will be another empties related post in the near future.

LOVEFRESH Pear Scrub* – I received this a little while back when I went to Smooth Wax Bar for an event. Exfoliation is key after getting waxed and this does a great job at it! The pear scent was really nice and I love the sugar scrub nature of it. I loved it so much that I picked up a big tub of it (but in the Key Lime Coconut scent) the last time I went for a wax. You only need a little bit to make your skin feel silky smooth.
Verdict: Already purchased

The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub – I may or may not be on a scrub kick right now. I picked up a couple from The Body Shop as I haven’t used one from there in ages. This one sounded so amazing I just had to get it. It smells absolutely amazing but I feel like I’m rubbing jam all over my body. There are raspberry seeds throughout but they get everywhere in the shower. Plus I found there wasn’t enough sugar in the scrub to make it effective. So while I loved the scent of this one, I was disappointed with the results I achieved.
Verdict: Will not repurchase

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Caplet Serum – With me trying to go through a lot of my samples, I will be trying a lot of different products over the coming weeks. I’m pretty sure that after I’m done with this purging, I will immediately go purchase this serum. Since starting this serum a couple of weeks ago (along with the NeoStrata cream in this post too), my skin has been fantastic. Not sure if it’s the serum or the cream but it’s working either way. Lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin. Doesn’t make you look greasy at all and doesn’t affect the way my foundation applies. My skin looked more even in tone and texture, it was well hydrated without looking greasy, and just felt smoother over all.
Verdict: Will purchase

NeoStrata Intense Wrinkle Release Moisturizing Cream – With the Elizabeth Arden serum, this definitely made a difference in my skin’s appearance. I don’t know if it really helped with wrinkles (because I could only use it for a bit of time) but it certainly helped with hydration, texture and tone of the skin. Didn’t break out my skin and it didn’t make my skin look too greasy throughout the day.
Verdict: Will purchase if it’s still available

THEFACESHOP Chia Seed Moisturizing Serum – Another great serum that definitely impressed me. Nicely hydrating and absorbed very easily into the skin. My skin didn’t get worse when it came to hydration but it wasn’t drastically different than it was before. If you don’t want a ton of frills when it comes to your serum, this is a great basic one to have.
Verdict: May repurchase

til next time…

Disclaimer: Some of these products were provided for review purposes and some links are affiliate links. All opinion are my own and not affected by partners or affiliates.

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