Swatched: OPI Retro Summer Collection

OPI Retro Summer Collection 2016 Review Swatches

Summer is almost here! Which means always having your pedicure in check. The new OPI Retro Summer collection gives you a great selection of colours perfect for your summer mani and pedi!

The limited edition collection is available now and retails for $10USD/$12.50CDN.

I have swatched the 6 polishes within the collection and provided my thoughts on the colours and application. All swatches are 2 coats unless otherwise noted.

OPI Retro Summer Collection 2016 Review Swatches Towel Me About It

Towel Me About It – This summery and buttery yellow shade is one of my favourites in the collection. It is a gorgeous cream shade that walks the line between bright and pastel. Application was relatively easy but I did have the slightest amount of streaking.

OPI Retro Summer Collection 2016 Review Swatches I'm Getting a Tan-gerine

I’m Getting a Tan-gerine – Another one of my favourites, because of this unique citrus orange/tangerine shade. It again walks that line of bright and pastel so well. I can only imagine how great this would look on someone with tanned skin. Application was simple and easy with no issues at all.

OPI Retro Summer Collection 2016 Review Swatches What's the Double Scoop?

What’s the Double Scoop? – This pastel pink screams more spring to me but the fact that this is a retro collection, I can see why it’s in the collection. I’m not a huge fan of colours like this but it definitely is a classic. In terms of application, it was alright but I did find that the consistency was a tad bit thinner which caused some pooling at the base of my nail (again, very slightly).

OPI Retro Summer Collection 2016 Review Swatches Flip Flops and Crop Tops

Flip Flops & Crop Tops – The other pink in the collection, this is a much brighter and darker shade. I found that this applied a lot better than the lighter shade plus I personally like the shade a lot more. It’s a good, classic medium toned bright pink for your collection

OPI Retro Summer Collection 2016 Review Swatches Sailing and Nail-ing

Sailing & Nail-ing – This the last of my favourites from the collection. This is a stunning, bright blue. A few extra notches above a pastel but still keeping the creamy nature of one. Application was a dream which only made this polish better in my eyes.

OPI Retro Summer Collection 2016 Review Swatches SPF XXX

SPF XXX – Lastly, this orange-red shade that almost appears like a darker coral. While application was really good with this shade, I’m just not a fan of the colour itself. If you love corals though, you need this in your collection!

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the collection. I loved 3 shades and thought the other 3 were pretty good (just not my personal preference of colour). What shades are you loving from the OPI Retro Summer collection? Do you enjoy the retro vibe of the collection?

til next time…

Disclaimer: Products featured in this post were sent for review purposes. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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